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Hi there, I'm Piper!
I love Jesus; nerdy music (lots of Owl City and Gray Havens!); writing songs; astronomy and physics :P Bye now!

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Do you like rain? You know me, I only like things with a cup of tea, so rainy days are fine by me if I get tea and a biscuit with them!


June 22, 2018

The rain falls in a pitter-pat rythm
and it seems as if Chinese-water torture
is nothing compared to this because not 
only will it not stop but it seems to make 
the world stop and hold its breath, stop 
and wait before moving on with life, and
I am sitting here, wondering why it had to rain
today, why it has to fall this way but now it is
coming down harder and the pitter-pat has changed 
to a ratat-tatt-at-tat as it tap-dances on the roof to
the bass of the thunder.


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