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Life of Luxury

December 14, 2015

Upon a golden chair I sit,
Water runs and lights are lit,
In my hand, a silver spoon,
Knowing food will be here soon.

My table filled with meats and greens,
Foods that I have never seen,
Much too much for me alone,
Fills my stomach like a stone.

In the trash the old food goes,
After that I do not know,
Burned, recycled, maybe saved,
For the hungry and enslaved.

Does it matter? Not to me,
I just go on shopping sprees,
All I do is buy and buy,
While newborn infants starve and die.

In a field of growing wheat,
Which I know that I will soon eat,
There lay a mother and her child,
Both their faces starved and wild.

Never will they know the taste,
They can only pick with haste,
Pick it all, then watch it grow,
My luxury, they'll never know.

They sell it just to stay alive,
A life of work, they cannot thrive,
WIth nothing but 10 cents a day,
All they can do is slave away.

No food to eat, no clothes to wear,
And yet I live without a care,
They wish one day that they could be
as well off as my family.

I wonder what I want to do,
Lawyer, doctor, pianist, too,
But all they do is work and work,
They dream of being grocery clerks.

The next time you sit down for food,
Just try and take some time to brood
About those with no meal to make,
No meat to cook, no bread to bake.

Short or tall, young or old,
We all get hungry, we all get cold,
The only difference is our fate
In the endless poor or rich debate.

A single day could change your place,
From rich to poor, a fall from grace,
A life where you don't need to try,
To working 'till you almost die.

But moving up from being poor,
It barely happens anymore,
It's just too hard to have the will
to go from dirt to counting bills.

And so the numbers stay the same,
The 1 percent have won the game,
the 99 percent have lost,
and all of them will pay the cost.

They work for almost nothing at all,
The rich could help, but they let them fall,
Down into the abyss of death,
They take their blissful final breath.

Remember them with every bite,
And one day you will see the light:
Luxury isn't how we live,
It's the power to share and the power to give.


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