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Giving a Speech

June 21, 2018

I stand here on the stage,
a million thought rushing like a bullet through my brain:
Am I good enough,
Will I succeed
Will they think me foolish
Will they smile
Will I forget
Will they understand;

I take a deep breath and all unfolds
Like a river breaking through a weak dam
Rushing faster and faster
Then I remind myself,
Don't rush

I take another deep breath,
My hand shaky and wet
I try to hide my anxiety from them,
three people who are watching me for mistakes,
for blunders,
analyzing me
Yet my voice is strong,
My message clear
Then I finish
They clap
I shake their hands
I try to see their eyes
Maybe they didn't like it
Maybe they thought me a failure 
The seniors were better
I'm just a freshman
But then I stand up taller
And shake their hands with a firm grasp
And ask them my time
Maybe it wasn't that bad
and later, I find myself on the stage with
the finalists 
like a dream I look out at the sea of people
I receive my award
a shinny thing
my first one
Congratulations they say
I smile.


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  • RachelMarie

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

    almost 2 years ago
  • JediKnightGirl

    I literally just gave a speech today and I can confirm that everything here - sweaty hands, trying not to go too fast, etc. - is completely accurate. Awesome poem!

    almost 2 years ago