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Going Home

June 21, 2018

Rush hour begins
standing in line at the ticket counter,
wordless transactions
no satisfaction
and then it's my turn
a ticket
and I'm off -

there's a reason it's called rush hour, I think,
slinking into the train's crowded mess
it takes will power
to deal with this stress
to deal with this stink
they smell sour
they need a shower
I want a shower
I want to be done with this endless ride
where I can't run and I can't hide
when will this end
when will this end
when will this -

"entering the station,"
the loudspeaker announces
the compartment heaves a collective sigh
I'm just about ready to cry
with a jolt
with a hiss
with a nails-on-a-chalkboard screech
the train comes to a stop
I drop onto the platform
and make my way home.


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