Peer Review by Harlow (United States)

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By: parachutes_the_idiot


In my camera roll you will find,
300 and some odd pictures, 
And 29 videos. 
There are goats,
Kittens and mice. 
And kites. 
You will find quotes,
By Silverstein,
And Rowling. 
You will find pictures of my family, 
And flawed. 
But you will never find, 
A picture of me,
With my flaws, 
My scars, 
And imperfections. 
Instead you will find, 
A poem I had written,
While in the darkest place,
You could ever imagine. 
It says,
All you have to do,
Is make it through the night. 
That is the only mention of me, 
You will find on my camera roll. 
I prefer to pretend,
That I don’t exist.

Peer Review

“But you will never find, A picture of me, With my flaws, My scars, And imperfections.” These lines were so relatable to me. I have days where looking in the mirror is often the hardest part of the day. To know that other people have felt and feel this way is oddly comforting and conveyed well throughout the poem

Sorrow and a large amount of empathy. I constantly feel this way about myself and often feel alone. The build up to the last few lines makes the pay out of a sort existential loneliness that much more satisfying.

Would you ever publish the poem separately in WtW? I would love to see it as a stand alone piece

Reviewer Comments

Sorry if these reviews seem cut and dry. You really did do a great job but I feel like I’m saying that a lot.