Peer Review by Johanna (Singapore)

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No Safe Haven

By: Clarianogirl

In this world, we have to run from the pain and misery; 
There's nowhere to run because life is too short to be on your feet, but at the same time you must cease;
The prejudice is overbearing, this life is not caring;
This world we live in strives for complexity, even if it turns into a monstrosity;
Worlds apart we seem, many choose to be mean;
If we could get along sparingly, we save lives independently;
Choosing this world is heart breaking, but what choice do we have?

Peer Review

The first and last- powerful way to start and end a poem!

It kind of adds rhythm to the whole poem

Reviewer Comments

I love how this is worded- the words you chose to use are amazing! Keep on writing!