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soft n sapphic

dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

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every poem is a different style, leave me and my everchanging existence alone


June 19, 2018


    i. wine stains your lips. or is it holy blood? you can't remember. and are the crumbs at your feet just bread or something else, something far less innocent?

    ii. divinity.

    iii. the word colors your mouth the shade of a crushed pomegranate.
    iv. christ's calloused soles. his broken bones, torn skin. the holes born in his hands, his feet. the puncture holes in his head. a bloody crown of thorns at his feet.

    v. the lord tells you your body isn't yours. your soul is bleeding red wine and pomegranate juice. he watches. he is silent. you begin to bleed out.

    vi. divinity. you hope the afterlife is as black as your soul. all you can do is hope. divinity.


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