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June 18, 2018

Indifferent noise coming from the ocean like cause and
effect; curiosity running in your direction forcing you to
look into the distance; engaging with the waves the horizon
brings, advocating memories of when you first felt shared
happiness with your very own father and for some reason
you miss it more then anything because it triggers unspeakable
ghastly agony when passed, to another milieu; sometimes
you look out into the line that separates the ocean from the
sun with a certain spark that counters nightmares and the
opposite meaning of comfort: then gone and came back to
visit, once more uttering the same words that you've
been hearing when you'd get up in the morning to look at
the sunset disappear and reappear while in the process of
feeling the temperature drop and watching the rays of the
sun with purpose; the figurative reminder that he is gone
but still visits once in a while to make sure your okay, realizing
it's the same as walking into your own paradise hosted by your
departed dad.


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