June 18, 2018

It is the year 42069. The ambition of the human race has lead to its ultimate downfall. A logic virus (the failed product of Man’s efforts to create an AI that can think and lead other Machines) has caused the machine lifeforms to turn on their former creators. As a result, the majority of the remaining humans have fled to the moon. The few survivors left on Earth live in various Resistance Camps. However, these are far and few between. In an attempt to to retake Earth from the Machines that dominate it, the remnants of Humanity has put the last of its resources into producing a small army of Androids. They are the Salvadors, combat machines designed to infiltrate and destroy. These artificial soldiers are Humanity's last hope. On the brink of extinction, Mankind mounts a desperate onslaught against the Machines that threaten its very existence.
Although technologically superior in every aspect, the Salvadors are outnumbered a forty to one. The Machine lifeforms have mass produced more of themselves than ever. However, they lack the ability to innovate. Unlike Humans, the Machines are only capable of utilising existing technology. Mankind has decided to bank on this one weakness in order to retake the planet. As the new day dawns on the horizon, the war for Humanity’s survival begins.
“Unit S4 reporting. All vital signs green across the board. Atmosphere breached twenty seconds ago. Visibility: Low.”
“Roger that, S4. Continue with your mission.” With the rapid advancement of technology, communication between the Moon and the Earth was considered a given.
S4 ensured that the connection was stable and prepared to land. Unlike Humans, Androids do not require oxygen to function. As such, there was no need for any breathing equipment on the way down to Earth. S4’s drop-pod, equipped with a visibility sensor and radar resistant paint, plunged through the stratosphere like a silent bullet. Upon nearing the ground, a magnetic field enveloped its base. This protected the Android in the pod from sustaining any damage upon impact by opposing the Earth’s magnetic field and by cushioning the descent. Surveillance models (hence named “S” models) were the first to land in order to conduct reconnaissance on the surrounding terrain. The drop-pod landed soundlessly, the only evidence of its decline a dark patch- almost invisible in the darkness.
As soon as the pod’s door lifted, S4 gracefully pulled himself atop it. Switching to scanner-mode, he examined the perimeter of the drop-zone for hostiles. Just like Command had predicted, there were no signs of the Machines within eight kilometres in any direction. He relayed this to the other nine members in his squad and awaited their arrival. Overhead, lightning flashed among thick black clouds and sky roared, an invisible beast with an untameable spirit. Despite the angry gale, the pod, made of a Magnesium based alloy, was unharmed. However, any sign of S4’s arrival on Earth was lost to the raging tempest.
Within minutes of S4’s message, dark spherical figures began to form in the swirling abyss above, getting larger by the second. One by one, pods identical to S4’s landed in the dirt around him.
“S4 to command: All members from Squad Four present. Assuming command of Squad 4,” radioed S4. Apart from S4, Squad Four comprised one backup Surveillance Model: S4A, two Medic Models: M4, M4A and M4B, as well as five Battle Models: B4,  B4A, B4B, B4C and B4D. Salvadors, though different in their roles, were built in the image of their human creators. Some resembled female adults while others possessed the feature of the average male. Although all Androids were made to look unique, they all shared the same pair of amber-coloured eyes. Each one was made to be resistant to enemy radar and was connected to a private Salvador network. This served to protect them from detection as well as the logic virus that resulted in the Machine Revolution, as it had come to be known among Humans and Androids alike.
“Affirmative,” chimed Command. “Squad Four is to rendezvous with Squads Twelve and 16 at coordinates 496401.”
“Roger that”
There was no time for Humanity to fight its way through the hordes of Machines that had congregated in North American continent. The Salvadors, numbering a mere two hundred were to strike right at the core of the Machine Hive which was located in the middle of the continent. Over two weeks, the Androids would fight their way into the Hive and insert a counter-virus, codenamed “Luna” into the Machine network. This would flush out the logic virus form the network, thus rendering the Machine Lifeforms neutral. With that, Mankind would be able to return to Earth and live safely once again.
Under the cover of the now raging storm, Squad Four made their way to a small rock outcrop North-East of the Hive. Suddenly, multiple heat signature began surfacing. The Machines had been concealed underground, waiting for the Androids to stumble into their trap.
“Permission for Squad 4 to engage hostile Machine Lifeforms!” yelled S4 into his receiver.
“Permission granted, S4.  All units, prepare for battle. Failure is not an option.”


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    I am so sorry I don't know the difference between two and three

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    So such a good read! So creative and I love it.

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