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I am a teacher, writer and foodie. I lead a thriving RL Writer's Club and live in an incredible place of sunshine and beauty. I go under Banjodog and my published work can be found online.

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Failure To Thrive

November 23, 2014



Sometimes words fail.

They fail in their simplicity to form

to string together in sense making incandescence.

Today is one such day.

They come you see,

to peer tentatively over the tip of my tongue

out into the broad world where they will disappear;

or clutch tightly to my fingertips,

refusing to fall upon the keys

in black and white sacrifice upon the page.

I feel them tremble.

Being cast into concrete reality

is no place for whimsy and wisdom,

dreams and secrets.

Change becomes a distant memory,

a luxury for the unformed,

unuttered words.

They protest their immortality

and hide behind my teeth

behind my fingerprint’s whorls



I might coax them,

seduce them into their free fall

but to do so would be a betrayal

because I envy them you see.

I envy them their secret spaces

and choices

and luxury of uncertainty

in a world where your thoughts are judged,

weighed and measured.

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