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The Dreese Puns Assemble- Part 2

December 9, 2015


    "Augh! Mom! This shirt has a dreese in it!", Katie hollered down the stairs. 
    "Well just find a different one to wear today and I'll iron that one later!", Katie's mom called back.
    "MOM! It HAS to be this shirt! Kyle's going to be there and this is the best shirt I have!"
    "You're only saying that because it's got a fancy brand brand name! If Kyle really likes you he'll think you're just the dreese knees whatever you're wearing!"
    "MOM! You clearly don't understand boys at all!"
    "Well I can't iron right now! You'll just have to wear something different to the game! Why don't you just wear you're Hive Dreese jersey?"
    "AUGH! FINE! Just remember this when I'm 40 and still single!!!"
    "Sure sweetheart. Now do you want swiss dreese or cheddar dreese in your sandwich?"
Katie stood in her room fuming at her mother's completle lack of understanding about how this could damage her social life. Then she took a deep breath grabbed her Hive Dreese jersey and swept down the stairs still radiating heat. 
    " Swiss please," she said striding to the fridge for a cold bottle of water to bring along.
    "Here you are honey. Have fun!" her mom called as she handed Katie the sandwich and waved her daughter out the door. "Hope the team wins it this year!"
    "Yeah thanks mom!" Katie shouted back, hurrying along the sidewalk.
    Then suddenly she heard the sharp screech of a dreese monkey! She only knew the sound from an embarassing field trip to the petting zoo a few years back when she had been attacked by Hare-ison Ford, the zoo's prized rabbit. They had a pair of dreese monkeys in an enclosure and Katie spun around in befuddlement as to where the noise could have come from.
    Then came a thundorous noise from the sky as she stared upwards she screamed, "AH! Dreese LIghtning!!!" followed by an ear-spilting bang. 
    When the smoke cleared it was as if nothing had been there at all.

                                                                To be continued....


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