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Hi, I'm Abby and I love to read, play sports, play music, and write! I hope you might find something you enjoy that I've written! <3

Living in the Dark

June 13, 2018


    I live inside side my head. Every day, all day long, I have nothing. No emotions fill me up. My eyes do not see the world I exist in. In fact, I do not really live at all. I died a long time ago. Every second I relive my life. I look back on my memories and see where I came from. I look back on all the mistakes I made, and all of the experiences I endured. My life was a complete mess. And the worst part is that it all ended when I was just twelve. I remember the day it happened. I had just gotten home from the second to last day before winter break in sixth grade. I was walking up the front path, and everything was normal. My fifteen-year-old step-sister was sitting in her bedroom window. She looked depressed, as always. I struggled to get my key out of my backpack. That first moment when I opened the door was when I felt something was wrong. My stepmom wasn't in her office. She's always in her office.Twenty-four seven. I walked down the hall past the picture of my father. Death had already caught him two years before. I had no idea that today was the day that I ended that chase. Upstairs in my room, I threw my backpack on my bed and went to the window. My stepmom's car wasn't in the driveway, which was weird. She is always home, and always working. Across the street, I saw two little kids playing in their front yard, despite the cold. On our side, a man walked up the sidewalk. Back on the other, a mother was going home. A dark blue car drove up the road. Everything seemed to be normal. Downstairs I heard a knock on the door. My step-sister yelled
"I'll get it" in that depressed and lazy tone she always uses. I heard the door open. No sound. "Who is it?" I called down the stairs. No answer. I heard heavy footsteps pounding up the stairs. Definitely not my sister's soft mouse-like steps. I stared at my door. The handle inched down and the door creaked open.
"Hello?" I called out. A dark shadow stretched out across the floor of my room. I heard a creak of the floor, and a large shape loomed in my doorway. The fear inside me grew until it burst. I leaped off my bed and ran, brushing past the man who hadn't quite realized what was happening. I skipped four stairs, flew the door open, and ran for my life. I could hear the man shouting after me as he chased me down the street. I didn't see my step-sister anywhere and could only hope that she was okay. The cold air bit my nose as I sprinted towards the river. Once I had the cover of the trees, I might be able to escape. The ice at the edge of the road caught me by surprise and I slipped, sliding down a short snow bank. I stumbled to my feet trying to get a sense of my surroundings. I could hear the man run closer, and then stop short at the edge of the snow bank. I took a few steps forward and heard a cracking noise, like the shattering of glass. I took one more step forward, and stepped right through the snow, and down towards the end of my life. I had fallen right on top of the river. I hit the icy water, and it stung every inch of my body. It felt hot, and I could feel my insides burning up. I stayed there, suspended in the river. I could feel my lungs collapsing as I inhaled water. It swam through my body and stung my skin, and I could feel myself about to pass out. I opened my eyes and looked up through the thin ice. There, was the man who was chasing me. He stared into my eyes as my eyes drifted closed, never to open again. It was my father.
And now I live here. Buried, frozen, and dead. Every year I ponder the thought that my own dad was trying to kill me. How was he still alive? How did he find me? Was he even trying to kill me? I will never know the answers as I sit here trapped in this one moment of time. I cannot feel my body, I cannot see, or hear. I don't know where I am, or where I am thinking from. The world is trapped at my fingertips. I have no sense of direction, no sense of time, or space. All I know is that I will be here for the rest of time. Forever.
hehe... this is kind of creepy but just bear with me :)


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