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Idea/Concept: A robot is stuck far from home in search of something important. (That's the idea! Wish you luck guys and let me know because I want to read your works as well!)

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Orion 99 [Finale]

June 14, 2018


Don't know what this is about? Read from the start here.
Or, if you're done with that, part 2 would be here.


Orion was allowed to lead everyone through the wild terrain. The group consisted of Orion in the front, followed by the Hunters and their Leader, who allowed to let ten more into the group, and lastly, the Elder Smith. They traveled by foot along the edge of the mountainside, where their village was. Once they arrived in the forest, they started maneuvering through the huge monoliths and gemstones. Orion excelled everyone in terms of speed. The robot zoomed through the terrain in an almost breakneck speed, but it wasn't merciless. Orion allowed time for its companions to reach it while surveying through the area.

"He's a fast one isn't he?" One of the hunters commented.

"True, but its almost like he's letting us catch up. Strange." The leader noticed.

"Hey, can someone help?!" A hunter from the back of their group cried out. The hunters immediately acted on instinct. They turned around in seconds for their comrade.

"What is it? There shouldn't be anything dangerous within our range." The leader asked as he unsheathed his ruby sword.

"It's not anything like that. You see, the old man, he can't keep up with us." At that time, two more hunters appeared from a distance carrying the Elder Smith by his shoulders.

It was almost daybreak when the entire group arrived at the riverside. It was the optimal time for everyone to move in and safely get through the rest of the forest region without encountering other wildlife. As expected, Orion was already there. The robot started scanning through the area. There was a distinguishable pile of stones gathered near the river that almost formed into a small cliff. The water flowed through quietly, unknowingly aware of the ripples that nature gave. Walls of bedrock stretched through for miles on either side. The mountains gave off an impression that it was split in half long ago. The group started searching as well.

It was strange when after moments of searching, nothing came up. Not even Orion could find a trace. The hunters searched through every nook and cranny of the area. They toppled over rocks and swam underwater to find it, but nothing. It seemed to be the moment of sunrise as well. As the sun broke through the lowest peak, the Elder Smith was found inspecting through the capsule again. He managed to open it and see the map.

"Hey, that's strange. We're where that yellow thing is, but nothing came up, huh?" A hunter accompanying the Elder Smith noticed. The words buzzed inside the old man's mind too.

"Yeah, but-" The Elder Smith zoomed in through the map to get a closer look. He saw the yellow marker just inches away from them. "why is it...moving?"

"I found it! I found it!" One of the hunters proclaimed! The hunters heard his triumphant cries and rushed immediately to his place.

The hunter held out its charcoal knife to cut through a strange-like tree that dangled on a metal canister. He was sure the robot was looking for that; the canister. It had the name Orion on the cylinder. He hurried through getting it lose. The knife, however, couldn't cut through as the tree started producing sap. "Sap? From a tree, but usually, they're from-"

A mouth came out of the earth, almost like a cave, that took a life within its grasp, and everyone saw it. An Ocentaur appeared. Its skin was clay, and its teeth stretched all the way down its throat. The moment it showed itself was the moment it started surrounding the hunters.

"Everyone, gather and bring out your hindstrones!" The leader shouted. Everyone else pushed back to a recognizable center. The Elder Smith held on to the map, watching the yellow marker move, now rather rapidly. Orion was nowhere to be seen. The hunters formed a circle behind each other's backs. They watched the creature circle around them. An Ocentaur's body stretched so long, it gave off a serpent-like appearance. The hunters brought out their hindstrones. They were chunks of polished stones that gave off a white glimmer.

"Strike them, now!" All hunters broke their stones. The white glimmers grew into a huge flash of light. The hunters shielded their eyes, and so did the Elder Smith. The Ocentaur was caught up in its brilliance, and that's where Orion attacked!

In a moment's notice, Orion charged up its arms and slammed the creature's head from sky high! It was a moment of silence. A rush of mechanical adrenaline that poured through Orion. The creature came down pummeling through the rock cliff. The Ocentaur was silenced.

Orion did it. The robot killed an Ocentaur.

It was morning when the world was beautiful. Orion managed to bring out the hunter inside Ocentaur's body. He held another canister in hand, and the hunter was unscathed. All along, it was their plan for one of the hunters to get swallowed. This was to allow someone small enough through its mouth. It would have also allowed for one of them to find that thing the robot was searching for. This was a gamble they all agreed to. The leader theorized it before leaving the village, saying that if Ocentaurs were actually made of fossilized gems, then they wouldn't really need to eat like people do. The Ocentaurs might actually have been built to trap prey inside for years. The prey would then die and turn to dust for the creature to absorb. The cave of teeth might have been to just trap prey further inside. That's what the leader gambled on, and if it was true, then it'd be the thing they just needed to let everything else follow through. A perfect opportunity for Orion to strike, or so everybody thought. The old man apologized for forgetting that detail they'd gambled on.

"Here. Hope it's all worth it." The leader gave the other canister from the Ocentaur's antenna. Orion gathered the two canisters and opened it. Both of the canisters contained a number of capsules, each having a corresponding color and number. Orion opened the violet capsule that had "#1" written on it.

A young girl in a lab coat appeared. She relayed an important message.

[ E N D ]

Read through till the end! There's something in store for you guys ;)

Idea/Concept: A robot is stuck far from home in search of something important. (That's the idea! Wish you luck guys and let me know because I want to read your works as well!)

Don't have an idea why I did this? Well, read this first, Science Fiction Competition Starts This Month!!! ;-)

Thank you so much if you've been able to keep up and enjoy this story till the very end!!! :D Though I do admit that there are a lot of things I could have added on to make this story even richer than it is, I just didn't want it to last any longer (seriously, it's about to reach 3000 words and I have other things to do as well :( ...for example, this month's competitionnnnnnnnn!) Also there were a lot of flaws to this story..........I think. I might just be lacking self-confidence right now...

Oh also, the message at the end of this piece can be read below: 

~ Message to Orion 99 #1 ~ 
A young girl in a lab coat appeared. She relayed an important message: [This is Christine. Christine Greenfield from District 45 relaying a message. In the recent activity of the Hyperion exploration group, we've found several things to hold true with our on-going exploration near the Quasar 46 region. One is that as expected, there are black holes developing in its core, as well as smaller black holes developing near the core around clusters of stars. Two is that the galaxy is undergoing severe changes in its star system, as most stars reach their oldest age, it is expected for them to turn into black holes as well. And lastly, there are Earthlike planets found within the outer reaches of the said system. Orion, this is where your mission comes in. You have to establish contact with these possible Earths. It is essential that humanity finds a place to settle for reclamation, at least temporarily. A few eons or so will do. You have to find some sort of habitable area or sanctuary where humans can call it home. A place with water, plant life, anything that could be safe for humans. Just make sure you scan those thoroughly and don't get your database damaged, please! Anything but that! *sigh* Orion, humanity needs you more than ever. I know this is a lot coming from me, but you're the only one who can do it! I've built you after all for this very purpose. Please, I beg you....I will be waiting for you, you know. *static* God Bless you, Orion. Hope you come back while I'm still alive. Over and out. This is Christine Greenfield signing out.]

[ E N D ]


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