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Everyday I write (and write). From little one scene stories to huge essays, I am always writing something. Apart from writing, I spend my time researching different times and places in history. :)

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First, thanks for reading my writing! If you would like to review, please just refrain from being completely rude about the piece. I would like honest, blunt feedback, but just don't say something that is not helpful to improving the writing. Also, if there is a grammatical mistake, you can notify me about it, but if it is an error that is adding to the story, don't worry about it. I probably already know about it! Thanks again, sorry for going on for so long!


December 7, 2014

"Good-bye Smith!" A pat on the back, wobble out of the plane, get home.  Home, I've missed it more, more than Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Quincy Market on Sunday mornings.  The velvet-interior car drops me on the stop of the place where I ate too many buttermilk pancakes in the mornings and cheated at monopoly more times than I can count, unsteadily, I knock on the door that always gave me one extra Snickers on Halloween.  "Mom,"  Her eyes glitter, and her arms fly around me, using the wooden spoon in her left to scold me for being gone so long.  I have eaten more than my fill, and lie in bed, closing my eyes, and this time no screams of death and destruction echo through my ears, like they had for my months away; finally, I am home.


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