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My road test to get my license is tomorrow, let's hope I don't act on the call of the void.

Call of the Void

August 29, 2018

The call of the void entrances me, freezes the rest of my thoughts
and shocks my brain to only seem to want one thing: the inevitable
and as much as I attempt to quell that urge, the feeling remains
aching to be let out, to dash free from my calm facade and
spark a new revolution; world changers and daydreamers unite
to join hands in battle, minds racing, hearts beating, to the
familiar tune of our sudden destructive impulses; break everything
caution to the wind as cars swerve and death becomes a distant
impossibility; live on your own accord and never break for a second.
--The "Call of the Void' is a thought or feeling of a strong pull or urge to do something dangerous; ex: when standing at the edge of a cliff and getting an unexplainable desire to jump off, when driving and getting the urge to swerve the steering wheel, or when cooking and wondering what would happen if you touched the center of a hot pan.
--I thought this was a good topic to base a poem off of; I experience this almost everyday and it gets kinda terrifying.


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  • Plausible.Poems

    To the comment below, I was going for a run-on sentence kind of vibe.

    almost 2 years ago
  • theinvisiblehumanbeing

    This is really good! I've always wanted to write a poem about this!

    almost 2 years ago