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August 8, 2018

Adrenaline taste like the first shot of whiskey at a corner bar. It hits your tongue in a firey splash, and sets your body buzzing. It taste like salty sweat that drips off your forehead and moistens your lips. It taste like coppery blood when you bite your fingertipsin anticapation. Its the inky taste of black coffee in the early morning,  a whole Red Bull in the afternoon, and a cold beer at night. It taste like dirt and dust, gravel and chalk. It taste like the absence of fear.


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  • Sophia DuBose

    Wow! This is stunningly beautiful with sharp vivid imagery and poetic lines. Love it!

    over 2 years ago
  • Riley Noel

    @Luna Lemon thank you so much for your kind words!

    almost 3 years ago
  • Luna Lemon

    Whoa! You're AMAZING at descriptions leading to GREAT imagery. I really love the last line and the first line really gets this poem starting with a bam. I like descriptions like, "coppery blood" "Inky taste of black coffee" and "a whole Red Bull in the afternoon". Incredible job and keep writing;)

    almost 3 years ago