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A Thousand Open Doors

June 13, 2018

    In the house by the meadow, there were a thousand open doors. 

    I looked out into the blackness of a nocturnal sea. It took me a moment to realize the glint that I saw was from more than my lantern. Something was looking back.

    To tell this story, I must begin with my mother. 

    The shopkeeper was known to tourists through tinkling bells and bright, hollow things. To the locals she pedaled more sinister arts.

    I was already a mile down the road when the buttons of my coat pulled off. I paid it no mind, I'm used to the cold.



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  • Aspen Gray

    I really quite like these! They sound like the beginnings to exactly the sort of books I enjoy reading. "a thousand open doors" is poetic and mysterious. "nocturnal sea" is a lovely phrase. The third one is just nice; it sounds like a bedtime or campfire story, and I already wanna meet the shopkeeper mentioned in the fourth. The fifth, though, I think could use some sprucing up? Perhaps say something about why this person is walking down a road? Or maybe s/he is running?

    But lovely job. You should do a short story based off one of these and post it. Or better yet, all of them! :)

    7 months ago