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November 20, 2014



Alex had ran. When the time was right, and they needed her most she chocked. She had been given a simple task.  Now she must pay the price. She remembered the scene, like it was etched in the walls of her mind. Her team that once consisted of 8 living members was instructed to get any food supplies they could from an abandoned Cost-Co and bring them back to the camp. She was in a clearing in the warehouse, ready to shoot down any of the undead, while her team was ransacking the shelves. She was using her handgun to take down the threats and she was about to shoot the head off another undead soul, but she looked too closely, she saw what once used to be the warm face that had greeted her every morning. The beaming smile that said, “Have fun at school! I love you!”

“Cass? Is that you?” she asked the grey skinned, decomposing, semi-living mass that was in front of her. She had lost contact with her sister when the apocalypse first started. She had hoped that Cass had survived somehow, but she was only 7 and no match for the undead. She had to shoot her, or her friends would die. Another wave of zombies came in through the smashed walls and windows. Alex realized that these people had once been her family, her friends. Now she was being asked to murder them in cold blood. Alex was taught to never look too closely at a zombie. Guilt would wash over you if you realized you had just murdered you’re family, or some of your close friends. Back at camp one girl was miserable for weeks after she had realized that she killed her (now ex) husband. Alex’s team had filled their ruck sacks and were fighting the zombies while trying to escape. ‘I can’t do it, in the few books that I have read the protagonist had always been brave and quick-thinking.’ She thought, ‘I’m neither of those, I’m not a hero.’ Alex turned to her team to see them in a circle, backs facing, shooting anything that tried to kill them.

“Alex please help us! They aren’t the same anymore! They were killed long ago!” One of her team mates yelled over the sound of gunshots.

The zombies were closing in on her now, her back was to a door. Alex wasn’t like the others, she wouldn’t kill her loved ones.

“Alex please! We need you! We can’t do this alone” Another team member yelled.

That was the last voice she heard before she ran out the door.


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