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November 20, 2014



I get put through so much, and they expect me to sit quietly and continue my job. Daily, I get water thrown on me, cutlery tossed at me, and I just can’t take it! Some nights I sit on my kitchen bench and think about all the life choices that lead to this moment, I try and to remember how I ended up in this situation. My life has never been all fine and dandy. I mean, come on! I literally live in an office kitchen! No, I am not homeless even though live in the 23rd floor kitchen of a small accountant company, I am… a sink. Yes, a sink. But just because I am made out of stainless steel and have the second latest model Delta 9001 faucet does not mean that I can’t complain and winge like you humans! Every day you guys want the next IPhone, or a pay rise, or another car… but as soon as I just want a little more recognition and better treatment, everyone thinks, ‘You’re a sink, it’s your job.’ My tap drips in frustration. In life, humans have it easy. Their purpose in life is to get a job, Go to work, get married, follow fashion, and obey the law, save money for retirement. They do all this and still say, ‘we are free we can do anything we want.’ I envy their optimism. Sinks on the other hand have to, ‘Get dirty dishes thrown in you, get old tea thrown down you’ and we can’t even say, ‘We are free’ Because SINKS CAN’T EVEN TALK! Over the years sinks have been treated cruelly, with no remorse from the humans. 2014 is the dawning of a new era, 2014 will mark the uprising of the sinks. “The sink revolution!” It shall be called. As soon as we can move.


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