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June 17, 2018

    "Hunter, how do you feel after the big surgery?" his loving mother inquired.
    Hunter, with a mild headache, responded, "I feel pretty good. A little bit hazy, but the painkillers are amazing." He felt the stitches in the bald spot on the back of his head. "That was really fast for brain surgery. It's amazing how fast I've recovered so far!"
    They were walking through a greenspace in the middle of their small town. Hunter was astonished that he could already be up and walking. His grandfather told him stories about long waits at hospitals, MRI scanners the size of his bathroom, and doctors performing surgeries instead of machines! Hunter's brain implant was mechanically installed into his brain in a process that took merely five hours: One hour to sign the paperwork and wait, forty-five minutes to be prepared for the surgery, fifteen minutes for the actual surgery to be carried out, an hour to recover, and finally, an hour of questioning and experimentation.
    "But as soon as we get back home, you'd better sleep," his mother advised. "We don't want your brain to grow back wrong."
    "Won't my brain malfunction in my sleep?" he argued. "That's what Grandpa said happens when you..."
    His mother laughed. "Grandpa comes from a different time. There's medication for that now. The doctor mentioned downloading a dream on your new implant. Do you want to try that out tonight? You know, to help you sleep."
    "Definitely," Hunter said with excitement. "I can't wait to telepathically message Jordan. Or browse the internet! What if our internet router isn't compatible with my implant?"
    "Did you forget? You don't need a router. It's built into the implant!" his mother said.
    After Hunter and his mother got home, they downloaded a dream about becoming rich and famous. Hunter was so excited to fall asleep, but his stitches kept on getting caught in his pillow. He rolled on to his belly and turned his head. Sleep felt impossible. He was way too giddy about his implant. He turned on the melatonin enhancer and fell asleep almost instantly.
    "Hunter!" his mother called. "Hunter, it's time to wake up!"
    There he lay, still as a rock. Panic pulsated through his mother. Remorse, regret, anger, sorrow... It was a flood of emotions and her brain's response was to crash. But before she could faint, Hunter stirred.
    "Ugh," he said. "I have a headache."
    His mom tried to play it off cool. "Oh, you scared me for a second there. Let me get a painkiller for you. Your breakfast is ready, you'd better eat it before it gets cold!"
    He nodded groggily as his mother walked off. It was a harsh awakening from the nirvana of his dream; reality sucked. He just wanted to lie back down and go off into his better world. He attempted to preoccupy his mind by wondering why his mother made him breakfast that morning. What was with the special treatment? Of course! He just had a life-changing birthday surgery. It was definitely a special occasion. And just like that, his mind went straight back to longing for a better world that was not reality.
    He ate his eggs and toast wistfully. His mother walked in with a painkiller and stopped.
     "Why so glum, chum?" she asked worriedly.
    Hunter couldn't bear to see his mother disappointed, so he said, "Oh, nothing. It's just my headache. Thanks for bringing the painkiller."
    His mother walked up to him. "You're not sick, are you?" she asked as she felt his forehead. "Did something go wrong with the surgery? If you want, we can get it taken out now."
    "No, I'm fine. I'll just go for a walk. Do you need anything from the store?"
    She didn't need anything from the store, but Hunter was craving chocolate. He walked the short distance to the store and stepped in. The smell must've been what induced his cravings. He walked past the candy. What he wouldn't give to have that Chocofudge bar. He could practically taste it. Oh, but those chewy Fruity Shoots... He couldn't buy all of that. His brain was betraying him! He walked into the cleaning supplies to take his mind off candy. Man, he really needed cat litter. He didn't have a cat, but that brand of cat litter was... Come to think of it, when was the last time he bought a broom? Everything he saw he had to buy. There was a chaotic ensemble of thoughts that weren't his, making his brain itch.
    He ran out of the store and looked behind him. His mind... What was happening? He yearned for every last item in that store... Needed it all. He massaged the back of his head where the stitches were, right below his skull.
    As soon as he got home, he went to his room. He didn't even want to look at his mom because of his guilt. He regretted ever thinking about getting the implant but didn't want to tell his mom. He lied in bed and surfed the internet.
    He came to the realization that he needed Solaro, the new crypto-currency. No, he should download a movie for only $10.99! The voices flooded his head. He wanted them out. Now. He broke out in convulsions, sobbing madly. His mother spent too much. She couldn't spend more to take it out! Hunter could not let his mother down. Shaking and sobbing, he reached into his bedside table and grabbed his pocketknife.
    "Get it out of me!" he screamed as he cut through his skin, tearing the stitches. Anything to ease the itching in his brain. He felt blood pour out past his face onto his bed.
    "Hunter!" his mother screamed as she burst through the door. She tore the pocketknife from his hands and used his sheets to stop the bleeding. It took five minutes for the ambulance to arrive, and Hunter was taken to ER, where more robots would probe at his suffering brain.
I had a different ending, but it was too sad. 


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  • Bruvton

    @AbigailSauble (is this a thing I can do?)
    I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I would have made the entire story more sensory and realistic, but I was restricted by the word count...

    over 1 year ago
  • AbigailSauble

    My eyes kinda bulged when I read about him tearing out the stitches . . . . . . . . *holding head* *moaning* "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow".

    over 1 year ago