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Maggie Mills

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Salty and Sweet

December 7, 2015

Winter is best when inhaled sharply, rushing in its cold wind down your throat, leaving behing the clean, crisp taste of softly falling snow.  

Adrenaline leaves a warm pulse in your temple and a swollen tongue in your mouth.  To some, it tastes like the freedom of a clear, open sky.  To others, it holds the bitter flavor of fear and regret.  

Surprise pops on your tongue like a firecracker, opening your eyes and sparking laughter to bubble up from deep in your chest.

Simplicity is sugary like caramel, melting in your mouth and leaving a clean, sweet taste on your teeth.

Writer's Block is cold and damp, a bit like sucking on a pebble found washed up after a rainstorm.  Chewing is futile, and try as you might, it's impossible to swallow.  

The Color Green tastes like the wind rustling through the summer leaves and damp grass after a rainy day.  It tastes like flower petals and Christmas trees, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you can detect and hint of lime. 

Embarrassment lights up your face with its hot, stinging taste, leaving you uncomfortably warm.  It tastes sour, like laughter around you, jarring and cruel, or bitter and empty like mistakes not worth fixing.

The Night Sky is cool and smooth, trailing down your thoat thick and syrupy.  It's speckled with little bits of sweetness that warm up your tongue and leave you pleasantly sleepy.  

Love is sudden and sweet, a strong burst of flavor that leaves your lips stained a bright cherry red.   



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