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Hello! I'm Sam, a young teen writer. I am a complete bookworm and aspiring wordsmith of all sorts. Criticism is always welcome!

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"'I didn’t go there looking for you. I went looking for me.' My voice is soft, low, and shaky. 'But now, here you are, and somehow, in finding you, I think I’ve found myself.'"

- "Every Last Word" by Tamera Ireland Stone

Seams and Ties

June 7, 2018


God says that my body is a temple
I agree
But social norms and
Media stores
Say I should be open-
Tempting, but kept neat
Nearly wrapped up in
To satisfy my religious needs
Swept into short kisses and small tees
To ‘look good’.

On paper the problem is black and white:
“Don’t give up yourself to dress nice”,
But off the page things change:
The world is swept up into shades of grey
I straddle the edge between normal and sane,
Not knowing where my heart belongs.


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  • June 7, 2018 - 7:50am (Now Viewing)

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