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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

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this is another story in my google drive that was abandoned but just today i revive it so look at my master piece of a story that i worked on all last year in 5th grade trust me that preview is just scratching the surface of this story "has 5 pages in google drive *#*"

A tale of a siren (PREVIEW)

December 6, 2015


i want you to see the show i am currently watching” “ what is it called?” “ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ..hasbro actually came out with this new movie called Mlp equestria girls rainbow rocks i think they might have some info on the matter “ “ you are crazy no one can be spot on with sirens what else do you think they're are so many folk tales and stories about us “ “well by the explanation of your sisters  Leucosia,Ligeia,and Peisinoe it seems a bit on the watermark of hasbro “ “are you saying they work for them?” “what no i am saying i think equestria might be real” “no wonder mother kept quiet about her past “ “what do you mean” “ i mean mother all her life never talked about how she came here once mother said she had sisters but she barely explains anything about them “ “ so your mother brought Leucosia,Ligeia,and Peisinoe to a mirror to another world aka  Adagio Dazzle Aria Blaze Sonata Dusk to  humanized pony equestria but my theory for your mother is she came to just the humanized world when her and her sisters got banished by star swirled the bearded “ “ yeah that makes sense but come on finish eating that cod fish we got my sister Aglaope  to fish out of the ocean “ “then lets do this “ sirena sings “i bet you cannot beat me to the docs “


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  • FantasyWriter

    correction 6 pages in google drive

    over 5 years ago