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Midnight Child

June 13, 2018

    There was nothing out there except hard-packed desert, the dead woman, and the humanoid creature who crouched beneath a scrubby bush.
    The creature had midnight-colored skin made her blend perfectly into the night. A warm breeze rustled the leaves that grew from her spine, elbows, and shoulders. As she watched the lifeless body, a thought twirled around in her head. I'm a monster. She lowered her face to her knees, her thick strands of hair falling around her.
    "Nixie!" Devon's voice echoed across the desert.
    The creature unfolded herself and stood. Quickly, but silently, she went to the middle-aged man who'd shouted. She stopped before she was within his sight, just at the edge of the one lane road. Devon stood by his pick-up truck, leaning against the door as if he had nothing better to do than just sit back and stare at the stars.
     He won't like me if I'm a monster. Her hands trembled. She clenched them into fists. She walked over to the truck and crawled into the back. "I'm here," she whispered, her voice hoarse from years of screaming.
    Devon turned to face her, as if he knew she'd been there all along. "Ready to go?" he asked. Nixie nodded and he hopped into the truck. The truck rumbled to life and soon they were on the road.
    Nixie lifted her face to the wind, hands gripping the edge of the truck. Her thick strands of hair whipped away from her face, and for a single, glass-captured moment, she had freedom.
    Then she remembered the woman. Devon won't like me if he knew I killed her. She shuddered and retreated from the wind. She curled into a ball, feeling the wood on her chest itch. It was rough against her fingertips as she brushed a hand over the scar.
    She wrapped her arms wrapped around herself as she felt her leaves quiver. Monster. She pressed her hands to her face, feeling her strange skull. Short, wide, big-eyed. Inhuman.
    She lowered her hands and stared out into the desert. What was the woman's name? She struggled to remember. She had a hard time remembering much of anything. It was a side-effect from all those drugs. Drugs. She curled into herself again as she remembered the bright room with the table. A cold, metal table meant for holding people, not food.
    The truck slowed, then turned onto a smaller, bumpier road. It rattled Nixie out of her thoughts. Dust billowed into the air and into her lungs. She coughed and covered her nose and mouth with a hand.
    The truck slowed to a stop in front of a squat house with a wraparound porch. Nixie remained in the truck as Devon walked to the house. He gave her an odd look as he passed, but left her alone.
    The metal of the truck had turned cold. Like the table in the bright room. There were a lot of people therePeople in long white coats, as if they were trying to appear clean.
    Smells of dinner wafted through the air. She sighed. She was never hungry anymore. Not since they gave her these leaves and her inky skin. That had been test 382, the day they successfully made it so that she could photosynthesize. She didn't like photosynthesis; she had always enjoyed eating.
    I'm never hungry anymore. Sunlight was her food now. She hated test 382.
    Tests. The woman.
    I'm a murderer. Guilt flooded through her. I killed her. I can't tell Devon, or he'll throw me out, or take me back to them. She shuddered again as tears began to form. She shook her head and attempted to stop the tears, but the memory of the woman's terrified face loomed like a mirage. She squeezed her eyes shut.
    Nixie looked up to see Devon beside the truck, his wrinkled face more wrinkled than usual. "What's wrong?"
    Nixie looked back down to her knees. "I killed her," she whispered. "It was an accident, I swear!"
    There was a long pause. "Who? When?"
    "Doctor Jane." She remembered her now: Doctor Jane had been the head scientist, the one who had put the idea of a bio-engineered human into action. "I was exploring the desert when she found me. She brought out a needle and I grabbed a rock and--I didn't meant to hit her so hard!" Test 43: added strength.
    "Show me," Devon commanded. Nixie stood, legs shaking. Silently, they got into the truck and returned to the desert. It took her barely a minute to find Doctor Jane's lifeless form.
    Nixie stood back from Devon and the body, still shaking. He'll hate me. He'll outcast me.
    The corpse groaned. Nixie jumped back with a yelp.
    Devon sighed. "She isn't dead." He bent and lifted Doctor Jane up. "Help me," he grunted. "We need to get her to a hospital."

Four hours later, Nixie and Devon sat in the truck heading home. Doctor Jane was safe with the closest hospital--about three hours away--and had still been unconscious when they'd left her.
    "Nixie," Devon said slowly. "Why didn't you tell me that you 'killed' her?"
    Nixie looked down at her inky hands. "I was afraid you'd take me back to them," she whispered. "I'm a monster."
    He sighed, his eyes focused on the road ahead. "Nixie, I would never take you back to them. Ever." He glanced over to her. "Nothing can change that. I know who you are and I know who you aren't. You aren't a monster: you are Nixie." He smiled. "My midnight child."
    She gave a wan smile.
    "Now," Devon said, giving her a sideways glance. "Next time you kill someone, please tell me as soon as possible, okay?"
    She nodded.
    They rode the rest of the way home in silence. All the while, Nixie considered what Devon had said. I'm not a monster.

This image inspired the "midnight-colored skin": Child of Shadows

Otherwise, Nixie is original . . . As far as I know.

Please, tell me what you think!

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  • Kahasai

    Thank you!

    7 months ago
  • AlienFromPluto

    Wow, this enraptured me to the point that my eyes started to ache from staring so intently at this. I definitely want a part 2. That would be amazing.
    I just - wow. I loved this.

    7 months ago