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You wish on that star all you want. But remember, that old star can only take you part of the way. You gotta help it get along with some hard work of your own.

Light and Dark Poems #3

December 5, 2015



At first, we were a particle. A particle massively exploding, expanding and blowing up all at once. Then, we were single-celled organisms. We were less than microscopic.
Years and years passed and we grew up. We became hard-shelled animals that looked like silverfish, but a little bigger. After this, we became fish. We could breathe under water and swim. We were then evolving into crustaceans. Crabs, lobsters.
Then we evolved and evolved until we became large lizard like creatures, ones who could fly and eat. Dinosaurs. The lizard creatures died and were taken over by large wooly creatures. The mammoths and sabertooths marked the start of the Ice Age.  
Then we changed massively, we took a big leap and became weird beings with hair. We could sweat and run. We evolved into different types of these hairy beings, but stayed the same. Animals grew around us, preyed on us and were preyed by us. We made tools. We then grew in population and took over Earth. We made God and Lucifer. We made cars, buildings, light, beds, quills, pencils, carriages, schools, mall, books, hats, shirts, shoes, and telephones; we built these things, these became essential things to our being.
Our lifetime was short as these beings. Humans, we called ourselves. Our life was somewhat predictable. We were born, we played and laughed, we learned and then taught and married and gave birth and watched our children play and laugh and learn. Then we died. We fell into the arms of an everlasting sleep. Are we re-born went we wake from this sleep? We don’t know. But here is something we do know:
This is the beginning of Everything. 


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