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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth- Annabeth’s Betrayal

November 6, 2018


    "So what do we do with this?" Leo said pointing at Luke.
"I don't know." Frank said.
"Chuck him in the horse stalls binded and gagged" Percy replied not taking his eyes off Luke who was desperately trying to form a plan. His eyes widened but nothing could terrify him more than the look he was given by Percy.
"You mean like Nike the Goddess of Victory" Jason said grinning. 
"Oh  no you wou-" Luke was cut off by Percy who stuck his sock in his mouth. Luke started making mumbling noises.
"Hey you better stop before i get the Hunters back here with polar bears" Percy said kicking Luke with his foot. After one shriek he fell silent. Suddenly there was a bright flash as everyone covered there eyes and Frank being a good person covered Luke's eyes. In front of them, appeared Hades and the three fates. 
"Actually, you're not so off Perseus Jackson" Hades said.
Everyone yelped and jumped in the air.
"What?" Percy asked.
"We, are going to have a bone to pick with this son of Hermes."
Everyone just stared blankly.
"Get it, bone?"
"Dad continue please" Nico di Angleo said.
"Okay fine. So Percy.." Hades stared at Percy so intently it was as if he could see though Percy and his secrets."I'm going to send you and your group to Mount Olympus"
"But Why? We've done nothing." Annabeth spoke up.
"Indeed you have not. But something must be revealed"
"No.. No, NO" Percy said his voice raising.
"It is time"
Percy was shaking as he crumbled to his knees. Annabeth barely caught him and Jason rushed forward to prop him against the wall. 
"Percy, Hey Percy" Jason was trying to wake Percy.
Hazel brought over a cup of water and started splashing Percy's face. Percy woke and raised his hand to his temple but as he did it the sleeve of his sweatshirt slipped down revealing a burned circle and cuts. Hazel's eyes widened as she quickly fixed it for him.
"Father how will we get there." Hazel asked
"Like this". Hades snapped his fingers and all of a sudden everyone appeared in the middle of the throne room in front of startled gods and goddesses. Luke was no longer in his net but crumpled on the ground inside an empty aquarium meant especially to hold demigods.
"What in tarnat-" Zeus stopped as Hades held up his hand.
"Brother, it is time to reveal the secret of Perseus Jackson" Everyone looked confused except for Athena, Zeus, and Hades.
Zeus sighed. "I believe it is"
“Hold up, what secret” Annabeth said turning all eyes on her.
“You’ll see" Athena said softly in her daughter’s mind.
Everyone looked confused, even Poseidon, as Zeus waved his hand revealing a big screen. The screen showed Percy as a young child. About eight years ago when he was only ten. He was near a shop running around. No, not running around but running away. Two men in black trench coats were chasing him. Percy took a turn and sprinted into the woods. He tripped over a root that was growing out of the ground. He sprained his ankle unable to get up. The men caught up and got ahold of him. Percy screamed but was unable to break free. The men dragged him out of the forest into a big truck waiting at the entrance of the forest. The vision went black and the screen disappeared. Everyone stared at Percy who was curled up as a ball shaking. He no longer had his sweatshirt on and the wounds on his arms were on full display. No one said a word. Athena, the least likely to comfort Percy, stood up from her throne to comfort him. Luke was still in his cage but he didn’t say anything except stare at Percy with wide eyes. Athena muttered a spell in Ancient Greek and Percy stopped shaking. Instead he fell asleep calmly as if nothing happened. Annabeth rushes over and with the help of Jason she helped Percy get to his room on Mount Olympus. The others followed quietly and separated once they reached the hall and each entered their room. Jason nodded to Annabeth before heading off towards his room with Piper. Annabeth sat down on the bed next to where Percy was peacefully asleep.The night passed but not anyone could sleep, not even Luke. They all wondered, what was in Percy. They thought about when he was sad and he never was. He always was willing to help and ecstatic enough to make anyone laugh. But the old saying, the ones who are happier hold more sadness inside may just be true. The next morning would reveal even more showing what really happened to Percy. During the night however, Annabeth decided to visit the throne room where Percy’s secrets where discovered. Before she entered, she heard a noise. She swiftly hid behind the giant door that was over ten feet tall and elegant just like everything else she designed. She heard two voices but didn’t dare to look. From her knowledge, it was Hermes and Luke.
“Son I told you I don’t know anything about this! Annabeth probably doesn’t know didn’t you see the shock on her face!”
“I don’t care! That girl will be the key to overtake him and have her. I love Annabeth. I can’t sleep without her.”
“Luke Castellan. Listen to me-“
“You listen old man, you get me that girl and if you don’t I’ll get her another way.”
“Luke please” Hermes begged.
“Leave me you useless person! You hold no worth in my eyes!” Luke bellowed at his father. Hermes vanished in thin air leaving a slightly golden aura in his disappearance. Annabeth cleared her throat and entered the throne room pretending to not pay attention.
“Hello?” Luke said.
“What? Oh hi there. I’m-I’m uhh checking the throne room..for repairs. Yeah. Aren’t you asleep?” Annabeth cursed herself under her breath for stuttering. 
“Huh. I thought after that other time I took you on that ship you’d talk normally to me. Guess it didn’t work.”
“Wha-“Annabeth closed her mouth when she realized the time the problem got so worse that the whole Argo II team and the hunters came to see her. She turned red and hoped it was too dark for Luke to see. She shivered at the thought and hoped Percy forgot when she clinched against him. Suddenly Luke lunges at Annabeth and covered her mouth. He dragged her out of the room and Annabeth was in such shock she couldn’t move. She thought about Percy and she just blanked out. Luke brought her to the elevator where he made his escape. He had a skeleton waiting with a dark glossy black limousine and threw Annabeth in bonding her with ropes. He had kidnapped her once again. The next morning came when the demigods rushed into his room hearing his scream.
Yea yea don’t come at me ik I haven’t posted in forever. School got me stuDYING (get it, no, I’ll go).
anyways I’m gonna post more and am going to thank Camlily for reminding I have a life on here too. Enjoy love you!
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