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The Ancient’s Reactivation

June 4, 2018

The main control terminal had been believed to be inactive for centuries, but the room it was in looked like the day it was built. It was simple in design, with a door pointing in each cardinal directions, and in the center was  main control terminal. Archeologists had found room only months ago, saying it was a testament to the advancement of the world’s ancestors.

What the world didn’t know, the main control terminal wasn’t inactive at all, it turned itself back on all day, due to being solar powered. 

At one point, it actually saw a group of archeologists, and decided to figure out who these people where.

”Reactivating scouts,” It had said.

In the walls of the room, holes opened up, releasing spherical machines on to the floor. A propeller came out of the top of each one, and a single eye opened, and they all flew off in every direction.

Once a group of scouts got to a city, a beam came out of their eye, and confirmed the city was mostly made of stone. A large stone building with towers on each corner was in the center of the city.

”Architecture unfamiliar,” One scout said, the others agreeing.

”We must find an organic lifeform,” Another said, and they flew off into the city.

The people of the city didn’t seem to like the fact to they were being scanned by a beam, but the scouts got the information they needed. They flew back to the main control terminal.

”The humans of the city nearby are descendants of our creators,” A scout told the terminal.

”Understood,” The terminal said,”We shall now reactivate all of our resources to destroy them.”


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