Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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Paperback and Dust Jacket

By: Roro Vienna

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

    Paperback is the color of woodland during early November- so energetic and fresh to the eyes. It reminds me of burnished lumber in a countryside. Looking at Paperback makes me feel cozy with a hint of earth. It's essence is like opening a newly-picked book and smelling the nutty aroma of every page.

    This color blends well with Dust Jacket- a darker shade. It's calming at first glance, but has a chilly touch when you stare longer. It has a wistful nature- nostalgic like Paperback, but mixed with regret. Dust Jacket is a color similar to an old book that's neglected behind the rustic shelf; and mixed with the sharp whiff of damp and dirt.

    Combine these colors and you'll get Hardbound. It's the in-between of the liveliness of Paperback and the serenity of Dust Jacket. Hardbound is the hue of contentment; neither too bright nor excessively dull. Seeing this color is like reading your favorite book; and every word is like a parched leaf- slowly crumbling into carefree thoughts.

Peer Review

There was definitely feeling put into it. Reading it, I could taste, feel, see, and hear what was written.

I would paint my whole house, every room a different of the three colors, leaving the imprint and impression of beauty portrayed in this piece.

Reviewer Comments

I love what you did for this prompt. It's new and exciting and just absolutely stunning! The transition of paperback, dustjacket, and hardbound; beautiful! it flows so smoothly and every paragraph adding a whole new meaning and taste!
Great job!