난 괜찮아♔ Fingertips tracing patterns across the canvas of the sky♕ 忙着追逐天空中的流星♙

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16 year old. Visionary. STEM student. Aspiring entrepreneur. Most importantly, a writer whose love for the universe will flow from her fingertips into this misty software network of codes and algorithms and somehow find its place in your heart.

P.S. Finally updated this after so long. I'm sixteen now, oh how time flies. Getting rusty :/


June 4, 2018


kyōka suigetsu
  1.   n. (Japanese) - lit. "flower in the mirror, moon on the water"; flowers reflected on a mirror and the moon reflected on the water's surface; something that is visible but having no substance; the subtle and profound beauty of poems that cannot be described in words

a sound of something breaking
i awake from sleep
a sound full of unfamiliarity
thick ice begins forming over my skin

gentle breath of petals scattering
on the glassy surface of a mirror
the reflection of a withered flower
is anything but the truth

palms flat against the cold plane
a face imprisoned underneath
reaching out for that flower
fingertips brushing across its petals almost

cracked visage which cannot be touched
gazing through the fourth wall
into the alternate dimension
lips curved into a phantom smile
forever etched into the ice

the fragments of spring gently fade away
bound within the mirror
the scent of the flower's pinkish tint lingers
a flower bloomed upon a palm

the smile arc of a crescent moon
wavering on the water's surface
a crack on this frozen lake
where fingers are gingerly dipped into

like a hesitating doe by the water
tracing patterns across the reflection
of a flower blooming on the river bed
neck sore from the position
a landing petal breaking the stillness of the night

the paper thin layer of glass
separating two universes
will melt and flow away
spring will return someday

sleeping beneath the moonlight
incandescence of an unchanging moon
a bed of poison ivy next to the mirror
perishing in a daydream

hands still outstretched in a delusion
of a fleeting glimpse of a lifelong dream
the flower seen that day
fake truth that is reflected within a mirror


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  • Blankitude

    @silverwisp Thank you!! Let me share a little tip about inspirations:) You can get them anywhere, for me, I got a lot of inspirations by looking up beautiful english, japanese and chinese words and phrases, psychological experiments like the Mary's Room, or looking at art pieces and reading books with concepts. I luv concepts, they are beautiful ideas and topics you can center a piece on. This piece is based on flowers, rivers, truth, and reflections. It gives anything a meaning. After you decide, search for everything regarding the concept (eg. stories, songs, pictures, artworks), make connections and include them within your piece. I hope this was helpful!! <3

    over 2 years ago
  • silvernight

    you have some pretty nice inspirations there lol sameeee

    over 2 years ago