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I am 17 and am an amateur writer for fun with a love of fiction. Although, if all the little people in my head could give me a hand every once and a while, that would be great. One problem I have though is when I create something I like, I try to turn it into a book. FYI, it's a bad idea/habit. Now, several unfinished books later, I am still going! Most of my pieces are short stories, so if you want to read them, it might take a little bit. I hope you like what you see, and if not, well... shit happens.

Disclaimer: I never said my writing was award worthy or anything, so read at your own risk peeps.

The Dark Dragon

December 4, 2015

He flourished on a signature capability, his capability to tame the untainable. As he stared into the wild beast's eyes, he saw an intellegence that no one else had ever seen. As dark eyes glittered back at him, he saw light from the full moon glitter off the animal's hard scales. He looked away. The creature was immense, and as he suddenly relized, was under his control. If he wanted to, he could send his monster to do anythign he pleased. He shook his head, that was no the right thing to do to something so rare that it only came about every thousand years. Relecing the creature from his power, he stood and watched as it spred its gient black wings and sored off into the sky. The dragon was free, but is would still come at his call, the call of its master.


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