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to: mr. eastwell

June 3, 2018


i've started to write this a couple of times, and all i can keep coming back to is that one conversation we had near the beginning of the year. you probably don't remember it, but it was maybe a week or two in. i was sitting right next to your desk and somehow we started to get into politics.
i came out casually during the conversation. you didn't give me so much as a second look. but that's not what i remember best. i remember we were talking about gay, and straight, and poly people and you said about your son, "i don't care who makes him happy, whether it's a girl or a boy or someone in between or a group of people. all i want is for him to be happy."
maybe that was a cliche sentence all parents say. but with recent events, involving a certain student who shall remain unnamed, that kept coming back to me.
we think people (at least in the us) are super accepting at this point. tv shows and media and books have warped our perception of things. we're stuck in our bubbles, and we think that maybe it's okay now.
but did you know 42% of americans think being gay is a choice? and only like 50% don't? this student has made me realize that even though our bubbles keep our opinions bouncing back to us, that's a very real statistic. she's suffering because her parents are in those 42 percent.
and i kept turning back to what you said to comfort me. to make me remember that there are people who genuinely love their children so much that they'll deal with anything to make them happy.
thanks for that. 
also, you're one of the funniest teachers i've ever had, definitely the most entertaining, and the most willing to do whatever they can to brighten a student's day. thank you so, so much. you'll definitely change some lives. i know you've already changed mine.
sooooo much love,
The Gay™
(ps: hey mr. eastwell's wife! and son! and cat(s)!)


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  • paperbird

    Yeah, I can relate to this. It's crazy how many people are still ignorant. I have a genderqueer friend from school whose family monitors their Internet usage and was looking to send them to a more conservative school because they're afraid they'll get crazy ideas. They're really suffering from it. It doesn't feel fair, how only some people get a supported coming out story.

    almost 2 years ago