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Writing. Inspired. Art.
I've always been inspired by animation. It's strange really, but that's why I write!
The biggest challenge is to convey that in words.

Remember to write what you love! Peace!

Message to Readers

This month's going to be fun, writers! So unleash that writing spirit of yours and WRITE!!! Good luck to each one of you guys participating this month!!

Science Fiction Competition Starts This Month!!!

June 3, 2018


Another monthly competition is coming to Write The World this June, and with that in mind, I'm sure most of us are more than willing to write in the sci-fi genre. It's fiction, and we're free to do almost anything with SCIENCE! I'm as excited as you guys are!!!

But, I write this piece for another reason...

I want to invite all of you fellow writers for a challenge. Yes, that's right, a challenge. You see, I'm sure with the Sci-fi genre in focus this month, we would have unhinged our minds by now and let at least a thousand ideas flood our mindscape. So, I want to encourage that imagination to be directed into all kinds of different pieces this month.

The challenge is that in the upcoming days, while the competition runs through, I would be posting sci-fi pieces, but they're not for the competition, they're just for fun! And alongside that, there would be a concept or idea that would be either posted in the Footnotes section or the Message for Writers section, and the challenge is to write a short story about that concept. Sound easy? Well, yeah, It's just for fun!!! I want to see what you guys got in store, and how you'll turn that idea into yours. :D

Don't think too much about your writing. If ever, I'd advice you to let the words flow through as you write these stories. And, only stop if Writer's block gets to you or otherwise. Oh, and also, let me know if you'll participate in this by either commenting in this piece or letting me know that you're participating by adding a line, preferably the first line of your story, to your pieces about this friendly competition. (Ex: "This piece is inspired by Gabriel Goodwin's friendly competition", or something like that, it's up to you guysssssss)

Happy writing everyone!!!
For the challenge, these are the titles I would be posting in the upcoming days:
1. Orion 99
2. Battle at BreakDawn
3. Children of The Promised Star

*Do note that these titles are not yet final and I might change them because they suck, but we'll see. Just keep updated with my upcoming pieces and it'll be fine. You'll know what these pieces would be once they're out. Thank you!


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  • Lee Fudge

    A challenge?! How can I refuse?

    over 1 year ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Cool idea bro. :D I wish I could find the time to do this.

    over 1 year ago
  • kdxt4life

    Great idea! ;)

    over 1 year ago