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Message to Readers

another poem that i have written and truly, I usually write proses so if this poem seems strange or unorthodox, please give me some feedback. thank you!! maybe something related to diction or rhythm or pace or even expression of the idea of the poem. i would greatly appreciate the feedback and suggestions given:))

Happy Pill

June 3, 2018

Happiness can come in the form of
a warm hug in the glacial cold,
a cheesy line that gave you a rush,
a beautiful obsession in the thrill of adolescence;
that cannot be bought with all the gold in the world,

(whether natural from the ground
or earned from the paper cuts of dead trees),

but fear not, because now,
you can buy happiness
for a dollar
per pill
hence earning the title 'Happy Pill'
which is truly creative
for a group of well-read doctors
finding the cure to your

and the instructions
are but a simple cycle
of steps
you must can feel obliged to follow
if you would like;
one in le matin
two in l'apr├Ęs-midi
three in le soir
increasing with each beautiful and happy day,

plus, we have great news
to go along with your prescription
once you finish one bottle
of 200 pills,
we will allow discount of fifty percent off
for your next cycle of dosage
filled with a great deal of generosity
that comes truly and certainly from our

because, after all,
we created these happy pills
for you, 
for your happiness
so you could be in a euphoric state
so you could forget about your depression
so you be anything you wanted to be
and don't those with depression want a way
out of their misery

so presenting to you
the Happy Pills that can be taken
at any dosage of your preference
because the greater the dosage
the more likely you would not need to continue
the more likely you can just slip away
quickly and easily,

the Happy Pills work
mark our words
for they have left every other consumer
dazed in the eyes and 
in the best state of happiness,
the kind where your life has left
your tormenting misery that the
living dead face.

(please take these happy pills regularly or irregularly as you wish
the dosage is up to the consumer as such pills were made to keep you in euphoria,
and please do return for more as after your third bottle, you can have as much as you want free of charge
but so far, no one has made it to that stage, so please enjoy your
Happy Pills)
Resembling an advertisement, my poem describes an invention known as Happy Pills. This seemingly perfect quality of happiness is, however, very flawed. The 'doctors' I have mentioned are actually bullies in some way or another who drive people into a corner, allowing them to think that nothing was worse than the torture, even death. I wanted to portray how those with depression, sadly, succumb to the Happy Pills and eventually, either torture themselves in a long process of self harm or by committing suicide. I also thought of how some people with depression are not able to receive help in time to get them out of their black hole, earning my sympathy.


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  • The Great Gabs-by

    Thank you so muchh:))

    about 2 years ago
  • omicron7889

    This is a very meaningful and deep poem, which I enjoyed reading very much. The format of an advertisement is also an original and creative touch. Well done!

    about 2 years ago