난 괜찮아♔ Fingertips tracing patterns across the canvas of the sky♕ 忙着追逐天空中的流星♙

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16 year old. Visionary. STEM student. Aspiring entrepreneur. Most importantly, a writer whose love for the universe will flow from her fingertips into this misty software network of codes and algorithms and somehow find its place in your heart.

P.S. Finally updated this after so long. I'm sixteen now, oh how time flies. Getting rusty :/

Secret Garden

June 4, 2018


When I first met you
Flowers started growing
In the darkest parts of my mind
Splashes of paint on this blank canvas

Hues of violet and blue
A kaleidoscope of coloured lights
They found the sunshine within my body
Petals raised towards the galaxies

Full of loneliness
This garden bloomed
Full of thorns
I bind myself amongst the twines
And willed myself to wither

Bloomed in a garden of my heart
A fleeting flower that resembles you
I wanted to give it to you
Nurse it back to life

It's too late
Your petals have been tainted
By the poison in my mind
Lost and scattered into the wind

The only thing I can do
In this secret garden within me
Enclosed and sheltered by the walls of my heart
Hidden, locked away from this universe
Is to bloom another pretty flower that resembles you
For the rest of eternity
A BTS – 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) adaptation


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