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Back To Neverland: The Unofficial Sequel To P.J Hogan's Peter Pan Chapter One, The Fairy On The Window Sill:

June 18, 2018


Description: Peter Pan and the Darling children are back in this all new unofficial sequel to the original P.J Hogan film. It's been two months since the Darling children left Neverland and life seems to be getting back to normal (with the exception of the Lost Boys being adopted by the Darling family). However,Peter comes back to the Darling's nursery, bringing grave news that Neverland is in danger! Captain Hook has made an unexpected return and plans on taking over Neverland. Peter needs their help to defeat him for good and the Darling children are more than ready to help save the beloved fantasy world they know once again. In Neverland,they'll meet new allies and enemies along that way as they fight to restore peace. Get ready for this unofficial sequel that will have you reading to the end. All rights go to P.J Hogan and Universal Studios,I own nothing but the plot and my original characters.

Rated: K+ (for some violence and action)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Wendy Darling looked out the window longingly at the Second Star to the Right of the fifth time that evening,sighing. It had been two months since she and her brothers had gone on that glorious adventure with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in the beautiful fantasy world known as Neverland. Oh,the fun they had;fighting pirates,dancing with the natives,waltzing with fairies,and meeting the mysterious mermaids. And Peter,her Peter,how she grew to love him. His adventurous spirit and utter bravery captured her heart the moment they met. He was handsome too and how could he not be? With his star blue eyes,his golden blonde hair,his roguish smile,his pearly white teeth,and looking absolutely dashing in his green leafy outfit,he was like a forest prince out of a fairy tale. Why,Wendy had even given Peter her hidden kiss when he was on the brink of dying. If that wasn't a sign Peter was her true love,she didn't know what was. However,all good things must come to an end,sadly. She,Michael,and John had to return home to their parents because well..they couldn't just leave their family behind and they loved their parents after all. They took the Lost Boys with them,who later became a part of their family. Peter on the other hand,decided to go back to Neverland. While Wendy was sad,Peter promised that he'd return one day. Wendy remembered the last thing he said to her before to departing.

"Me? Forget? Never." He uttered.

"Will you come back?" She'd asked him.

"To hear stories," Peter said a smile. "about me."

And with that,he was gone. Now however,Wendy was beginning to doubt what Peter had said. Two months was an awfully long time,awfully long indeed. The concept of time in Neverland was much different than on Earth,mainly because nobody grew old and there was no way to tell time except the Ticking Crocodile (who had swallowed a pocket watch). The longer you stayed in Neverland,the more you'd forget. Neverland,in it's mysterious nature,has a tendency to make people who go there to forget people they meet. Peter spent a lot of time in Neverland and Wendy was beginning to worry that Neverland would make him forget her. Peter had promised he'd never forget her,but she feared that he might. What if he forget her name? What if he forget the stories she shared with him? What if he forget the special moments they had? What if he forgot her hidden kiss? As if that wasn't bad enough,her birthday was within a month,making her even older when the time came. Soon,she'd be grown up and by the time Peter possibly came back,it'd be too late. Peter would be so upset,possibly flying back to Neverland forever,never coming back. Wendy shuddered at the thought.

"Oh,Peter," She thought inwardly. "If you really are coming back,please do it now!"

"Wendy?" A small voice said from behind her. "Are you alright?"

Wendy snapped back to reality and saw that standing behind her,was none other than Michael,her little brother. He was dressed in his pajamas,his teddy bear tucked in his right arm.

"Oh,Michael," she said as she regained her composure. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I was doing some stargazing."

"If you say so." Michael said,unsure if she was telling the truth. "Well,it's bedtime now. We'd best get in bed and get a good night's sleep. We have school tomorrow."

"Of course,I'll get right on it." Wendy said,getting up from the window still.

Wendy prepared herself for bed,straightening out her warm brown hair and slipping into her night gown. She placed the "kiss" necklace,a gift from Peter,she'd been wearing around her neck on her night stand. As she got into bed,she began to think that if she would ever see Peter again. Just then,John and the Lost Boys had come into the nursery,all dressed for bed. Tootles,Nibs,Curly,Slightly,and the Twins came in one by one after John,all quite exhausted from a long day. A lot had changed since the Lost Boys became part of their family and had it ever. Firstly,new beds were made for the Lost Boys to sleep in,making the nursery slightly crowded now. Also,Aunt Millicent had adopted Slightly,renaming him Sylvester because she wanted him to have a proper name. Slightly tolerated that,but only if she called him Slightly as a nickname. The other Lost Boys had received proper names too. Tootles was now called "Thomas",Nibs was now called "Nigel",Curly was now called "Cornelius",and the Twins...well,they remained being called "The Twins" because everyone had trouble telling them apart. They went to school,as any children did,but they found it to be exhausting due to all the work they received. The only one who didn't seem to mind was Tootles,mainly because he had a boyhood crush on Miss Teresa,the young school teacher that taught his class. At home,the Lost Boys behaved themselves,but that didn't stop them from having a wonderful time. As for their parents,they were pretty much the same...though they were a little different now. Mr. Darling had become much more patient with Wendy and didn't yell at her anymore (mainly because he feared she might run away again). He was much more direct with his employers and no longer made a fool of himself in front of them. Mrs.Darling was still the same as she was,but now found a place in her heart for Wendy's stories. Her tales of Neverland entranced her and though it seemed like nonsense,she believed them for her daughter's sake. She was quite pleased that Wendy now believed in fairies,mainly because Mrs.Darling believed in fairies as a child and would often pretend she'd visit them in the Kensington Gardens. As for Aunt Millicent,she was still the same as ever (stuffy and sophisticated),but she seemed much happier now that she had Slightly as a son. Nana on the other hand,kept a much closer eye on the children now and always made sure the window was shut after the children went to bed. As Wendy pulled the covers over herself,she wondered if maybe,just maybe,Peter would appear tonight.

"Wendy,I know you're thinking of him." John said,walking over to her bedside.

"What?" Wendy said,sitting up. "Thinking of who,John?"

John rolled his eyes in annoyance and said "You know full well who I mean,Wendy. You're thinking about Peter."

"Peter? What makes you say that?" Wendy said surprised,her cheeks blushing bright pink at the thought of the boy she loved.

"Because it's quite obvious that you are." John said,plopping himself down beside her on the bed. "Ever since we left Neverland,you've been thinking of Peter and have been waiting for him to come back. Don't think I haven't seen you sitting at the windowsill,looking up at the Second Star to the Right because I have been. You've been doing it for two months now and as of tonight,you've done it at least four or five times."

Wendy sighed,"I just miss him, you know?" She said,a little somber. "I mean,he gave me the greatest adventure of my life and now he's gone. I don't know when he's coming back,despite the fact that he promised he would. It's been two months,John,two months. Peter's probably forgotten about me by now due to having been in Neverland so long."

John gave Wendy an empathetic look and shook his head. He couldn't bear seeing his sister like this,so he decided to cheer her up.

"Wendy," John said,placing his hand on her shoulder. "I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Peter hasn't forgotten you. He promised to never forget you and I think he won't."

"Why's that?" Wendy asked.

"Wendy,do you think that Peter would have brought just any girl to Neverland?" John inquired.

"Well..." Wendy said,taking this into consideration. "no,he wouldn't"

"Exactly." John said,using his hand for emphasis. "Peter wouldn't have just taken any girl to Neverland because he's not the kind of boy who would just take a random girl and whisk her away to Neverland. No,Peter would want a girl who was something quite special,specifically why he picked you to come to Neverland when he came to our nursery."

"But,the only reason he came was because he had to get his magic shadow back after Nana bit it off." Wendy sighed. 

"Ah,but you remember that he'd been to our nursery before he lost his shadow." John said slyly. "You must have captured Peter's attention while he was flying through London that very night and if I can imagine why,it must have been because he'd never seen a girl like you before. A girl so special and beautiful that he just had to take you to Neverland with him."

Wendy blushed at this idea and began to think that there was a possibility this might be true.

"You really think so?" Wendy asked,giggling happily.

"Of course I do!" John said,throwing up his hands. "Wendy,I know for a fact that a girl like you can't make Peter Pan himself stay away for long. Someone that special has to mean something to him."

"He's got a point,Wendy." Michael said from his bed. "Peter really seemed to like you and don't forget you gave him your hidden kiss. A kiss like that must be meant for someone like him."

"Yeah,he's your true love. Just like Cinderella was for Prince Charming!" Tootles chimed in.

"You know,I wouldn't be surprised if Peter flew in from Neverland and came to the nursery tonight." Slightly piped up. "Sure,it's taken a while,but not even Peter Pan can be away from you for long."

"Wendy,I think we're going to be seeing more of Peter very soon." John said as he got in bed. "Just you wait and see."

"Thanks,John. I needed that." Wendy said kindly.

"Don't mention it." John said,putting his glasses on his nightstand and winking at Wendy.

Suddenly,Nana,the nurse dog,came into the nursery. She barked at the children,as if to say "Alright,children,time for bed!" She proceeded to tuck in all the children and giving them each a lick on the cheek. Mrs.Darling came in after,bidding all her children goodnight,with sweet dreams to follow.

"Sweet dreams,my children." She said before blowing out the candle. "I'll see you in the morning."

After blowing out the candle,the nursery went dark and little by little,the children drifted off to sleep. They slept soundly in the quiet of the nursery (with the minor exception of Nana's gentle snoring from her kennel) and Wendy was having a wonderful dream. She dreamt she was back in Neverland,flying through the air. At her side was none of than her beloved Peter,smiling kindly at her. The two children soared above the lush jungle of Neverland and waved at the inhabitants below. When they landed,they looked each other in the eyes lovingly. The two of them puckered their lips and leaned in for a kiss,but the dream was soon interrupted. Why,you ask? Well,it was particularly windy that night and something...or rather someone,had hit the now closed nursery window,courtesy of Nana,with an audible "THWACK!" This sound caused Wendy to stir from her sleep and for Nana,the ever vigilant nurse dog,to go investigate what it was. Nana trotted over to the window and looked out to see what it was. When Nana saw what it was,her brown eyes widened in shock and she began pawing at the window,frantically trying to open it. Nana's pawing manage to wake up Wendy,who looked at the nurse dog's actions curiously.

"Nana," Wendy said drowsily,letting out a yawn. "what are you doing? What is it? Is something wrong?"

Nana barked softly at Wendy,beckoning her to come over by tapping at the window, as if she were saying "Wendy,get over here quick! Help me open the window!'

Wendy raised an eyebrow and hopped out of bed,heading straight towards the window. As Wendy got closer,she noticed there was a soft,glowing,golden light on the window sill outside. When she got the window,she looked out and let out a gasp of surprise because lying unconscious on the window sill outside,was Tinker Bell! Tinker Bell was Peter Pan's best friend and fairy companion. Though she had her issues with Wendy,she was willing to help her save Peter when the time came. She was still the same pretty fairy with wild blond hair,sweet mouth,and outfit made of green leaves. She was sprawled on the window sill,completely knocked out. She must have crashed into the window and gotten knocked out,most likely because the wind knocked her into it. Wendy immediately opened the window,scooped up Tinker Bell gently in her hand,and placed her down on her nightstand.

"Nana,go get some smelling salts from the kitchen downstairs. It should wake up Tinker Bell." Wendy ordered the nurse dog.

Nana nodded and dashed quietly out of the nursery to get what her charge had asked for. Meanwhile,Wendy began waking up John,Michael,and the Lost Boys to alert them of what had just occurred.

"Boys,wake up!" Wendy cried out softly,frantically shaking John and then Michael awake. "Wake up at once,this is important!"

John stirred tiredly from his sleep and said "Wendy,what is it? What's the big idea of waking us up in the middle of the night?"

"Yeah,why are you waking us up?" Michael asked,rubbing his eye.

"You have to wake up!" Wendy said softly. "It's Tinker Bell! She's unconscious."

"Oh,it's Tinker Bell." John said with a yawn,not fully awake.

Suddenly,John and Michael's eyes widened in alarm,finally realizing what was going on.

"Tinker Bell?!" They both said softly in unison.

"Yes,she's on my nightstand unconscious!" Wendy said quietly,motioning them forward. "Come on!"

Michael and John followed Wendy to her nightstand,only to hang their mouths open in shock when they saw Tinker Bell unconscious.

"My word,it is Tinker Bell!" John said in amazement.

"How did she get here and why's she knocked out?" Michael asked worriedly.

"I don't know,but I think the wind knocked her into the window when she was flying around,causing her to go unconscious." Wendy explained. "Nana's getting her some smelling salts from the kitchen,which should wake her up."

The Lost Boys,who had been asleep,woke up and went over one by one to see what was going on. When they saw Tinker Bell on the night stand,completely unconscious,they let out a gasp of shock.

"By the queen of England,it's Tinker Bell!" Slightly said,his eyes widening.

"What's she doing here? Isn't she supposed to be back in Neverland with Peter?" Nibs asked.

"Is she dead?" The Twins inquired in unison.

"No,her fairy aura's still glowing." Tootles explained. "That means she's still alive."

"Is she alright?" Curly asked frantically. 

"Don't worry boys,she's okay." Wendy explained quietly. "Tinker Bell came back to the nursery and got knocked out when she ran into the window. She's unconscious,but Nana is getting her some smelling salts to wake her up."

"Do you think Peter's coming back? Is this is a sign?" Tootles asked hopefully.

"I don't know,but I hope it is." Wendy said,exhaling momentarily. "We'll be able to find out when we wake up Tinker Bell."

At last,Nana came back to the nursery,the smelling salts carefully held in her mouth. She walked over to Wendy and gave her what she'd asked for

"Thank you,Nana." Wendy said as she pulled the cork out of the bottle. "Now,let's wake up Tinker Bell."

Wendy put the smelling salts over Tinker Bell's face and waved the bottle back and forth. It took a minute,but just as she'd hope,Tinker Bell sniffed the smelling salts and began to come to. Her blue eyes opened slowly as she woke up. She momentarily gagged at the stench of the smelling salts,but soon she recovered. When she saw the familiar figures of Wendy,John,Michael,and the Lost Boys standing over her,she immediately leaped to her feet and flew into the air. She began frantically jingling some words in fairy language,but Wendy couldn't understand her,nor could Michael and John.

"What's she saying?" Wendy asked the Lost Boys in confusion. "I don't speak fairy,but you all seem to understand her well enough. Could you translate for me?"

The Lost Boys exchanged some looks and then Slightly said "Wendy,while we can understand some fairy,we're not fluent in it. But,I can tell you that things I could make out are something about us and Peter needing help with something."

"Do you think he's in danger?" Wendy asked,growing worried. 

"I sure hope not,but if he is,we might have to go to Neverland." Slightly said exhaling a bit.

Suddenly,Wendy got a brilliant idea and decided to put it into action.

"Excuse me,Tinker Bell?" Wendy asked. 

Tinker Bell stopped her frantic babbling and looked at Wendy as if to say "Yes,what?"

"I don't mean to interrupt you,but I can't seem to understand anything you're saying." Wendy explained politely. "Michael and John can't understand you either. So,in order for us to help you,could you do something with your powers to make us able to understand the language of fairies?"

Tinker Bell thought for a moment and then sighed,nodding in compliance. She sprinkled a bunch of fairy dust into her hands and blew it all in Wendy,John,and Michael's faces. The three children momentarily coughed,mainly because some of the fairy dust had gotten in their mouths,but then something happened. They began to feel very strange,their heads felt fuzzy. It was as if their brains were getting filled with some kind of magic or spell that had been forced into their minds. Finally,they all looked at Tinker Bell,who looked at them calmly.

"Can you understand me now?" Tinker Bell said,in a very human,gentle,British accent.

Wendy,John,and Michael all blinked in surprise because for the first time,they could actually understand what Tinker Bell was saying.

"Uh,hello?" Tinker Bell said with a confused look on her face. "I said can you understand me now? Can you understand the words that are coming from my mouth?"

The three children managed to snap back to reality and Wendy said "Yes,yes we can understand you. It's just shocking to hear you talk for the first time."

"You'll get used to it." Tinker Bell said,sighing slightly.

"Is this really what you sound like?' John said in amazement.

"Yes,why do you ask?" Tinker Bell asked curiously.

"To be perfectly honest,I pictured your voice sounding much more...shrill." John admitted.

"I beg your pardon?" Tinker Bell said,looking offended. 

"You know what...never mind." John said,waving his hand dismissively. "Let's just get to the matter at hand."

"Quite right,we need answers." Wendy said,nodding in agreement. "Tinker Bell,what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back in Neverland?"

"Well," Tinker Bell said as she started to explain. "I was,but now due to unfortunate circumstances,I had to come here with Peter to get you."

"Peter's coming back?!" Wendy asked excitedly.

"Yes,he's coming back." Tinker Bell confirmed. "But,we got separated due to the wind tonight and now I don't know where he is. The wind blew me into the nursery window and I got knocked unconscious."

"But,why now?" Wendy asked. "Why did it take you two months to come back?"

"Well,Peter kind of got caught up in his adventures and spent a lot of time in Neverland." Tinker Bell said,throwing down her hands and started to tell her everything. "But,he didn't forget about you though. After the whole battle with Captain Hook,you were all he talked about. He couldn't stop talking about the 'wonderful girl' he'd met and the 'thimble' she gave him."

Wendy blushed a very deep red and sighed happily.

"He didn't forget about me?" Wendy said excitedly.

"Of course,he didn't!" Tinker Bell said. "How could Peter forget someone like you?! You managed to do the one thing no girl in the entire universe could,steal his heart. People say that Peter can't love,but that is not true because he loves you,Wendy."

A dopey smile grew on Wendy's face and she began to feel very aroused.

"He loves me!" She sighed happily.

"Yes,yes,he loves you." Tinker Bell said,rolling her eyes. "Now,moving on. Peter eventually decided he wanted to see you again because he just couldn't stay away from you any longer. However,that plan got cancelled because something terrible happened in Neverland and is still going on."

"What is it? Is Neverland in danger?" Wendy asked worriedly.

"Is Peter in trouble?" Michael asked,not liking where this was going.

"Well,go on Tinker Bell,tell us!" John chimed in. "What's so terrible that could have delayed Peter?"

"Well,you see,it just so happens that..." Tinker Bell started to say.

However,Tinker Bell never got to finish her sentence because flying through the window,came none other than Peter himself. He was still the same 13 year old boy he was,destined to never grow up. He had the same star blue eyes and golden blond hair,but his leafy outfit was covered in several stray leaves,that he proceeded to brush off the moment he landed.

"You were right,Tink," Peter said as he brushed himself off. "we should have definitely traveled here last night."

At that moment,everyone let out a gasp of happiness and cried out "Peter!"

"Hello everybody,I'm back." Peter said,waving happily.

Everyone in the nursery rushed over to see Peter and happily greeted him.

"Oh Peter,how wonderful to see you!" Wendy said happily,throwing her arms around Peter and hugging him.

"It's wonderful to see you too,Wendy. Sorry I came so late." Peter said,returning the hug.

"It's alright." Wendy said,resting her head on Peter's chest. "you're here now. That's all that matters. For a moment,I thought you might have forgotten me."

"Me? Forget? Never! I could never forget you,Wendy." Peter said,nuzzling Wendy's forehead.

"Peter,by Neverland,you've returned!" John said,greeting him.

"And you are?" Peter said,seemingly confused.

"I'm John!" John said in annoyance and disbelief.

"Relax,I'm kidding. I just said that to see what you'd do." Peter giggled.

John rolled his eyes and muttered "Same old Peter."

"Hello,Peter!" Michael said happily.

"Hey there,Michael." Pete said,ruffling Michael's red hair. "It's good to see you."

"Peter!" The Lost Boys all cried as they ran over to greet their former leader.

"Greetings,Lost Boys!" Peter said,hugging each of the Lost Boys. "I've missed you all! My adventures have been pretty boring without you around."

"Alright,greetings aside," Tinker Bell said,wanting to move things along. "can we get to the important matter at hand? Peter,would you mind telling them why you've come back?"

"Oh right,sorry,Tink." Peter said,clearing his throat. "The reason I've come back is because I need your help. See,Neverland is in danger and since I can't save it on my own,I need you to come to Neverland with me."

"We know Neverland's in danger." Wendy retorted.

"Wait,you already know? How?" Peter asked with raised eyebrows.

"Tinker Bell told us." Wendy responded.

"She told you?" Peter said incredulously. "I thought you couldn't understand her language."

"We couldn't," John explained. "but then she sprayed some fairy dust on us and gave us the ability to understand fairy language."

"Wow,that's amazing." Peter said in awe. "Tinker Bell,you never told me you do that!"

"I can do lots of things,Peter." Tinker Bell said. "You'd be surprised at what I can do."

"So,Peter," Wendy said curiously and a bit worried. "why is Neverland in danger?  

Peter took a deep breath and said "Captain Hook has returned."

All the children gasped with shocked and said "What?!"

"But,that can't be!" John said in disbelief. "Captain Hook is dead! He's gone for good!"

"Last I checked,he was eaten by the Ticking Crocodile and was never seen again." Wendy said,remembering the evil villain's demise.

"That's what I thought too,but somehow, he managed to survive and escape the Ticking Crocodile's innards." Peter said,frowning. "Captain Hook is now getting his old pirate crew back together and he's planning to take over Neverland!"

"Can he do that?! Is that even possible?!"Michael said,very afraid.

"Well,if I face him alone,then yes." Peter answered. "But,if I have all of you helping me,then we'll be able to defeat him once more. So,what do you say? Will you come with me to Neverland and save it!"

Wendy clasped Peter's shoulder and said "I'll go anywhere with you,Peter. I'm in."

"If it means going back to Neverland,then I'll go." John said,putting on his glasses and top hat. "I should like to offend reason more with you,Peter."

"I'll go!" Michael said excitedly. "Let's go save Neverland!"

"We're with you to the bitter end,Peter!" Slightly said,slinging his bow over his shoulder.

"Yeah,there's no way we're letting Captain Hook win." Tootles said determined.

"To be honest,I miss Neverland." Curly said,rubbing the back of his neck. "I'd give anything to see it again."

"I'll go,I've been looking for some action besides playing in the nursery." Nibs said,grabbing a pirate sword.

"We'll go!" The Twins said in unison.

"Then,it's settled." Peter said,motioning the children to follow him. "We're going to Neverland! You all remember how to fly right?"

"Of course," Wendy chuckled. "All we need are happy thoughts and fairy dust." 

"Good,then let's get moving." Peter said as he headed to the window.

The children began thinking the happiest thoughts they could think of and within moments,they were flying. Tinker Bell gave them an extra boost of fairy dust to give them the speed that would get them to Neverland in a jiffy. As the children flew out the window,Nana looked at the children with worried eyes and plodded up to Wendy,whimpering. She knew that her children were going away again,possibly never coming back this time. Wendy floated down to Nana,sensing her distress,and petted her gently.

"Don't worry,Nana,we'll be okay." Wendy said sweetly. "We've done this before and Peter will take good care of us. If we decide to come home like we did before,we'll fly right through the window of the nursery. And if we don't come back...I just want you to know you're the best nurse dog we've ever had. I love you,Nana."

Nana reward that statement with a lick on the cheek,which made Wendy giggle.

"Goodbye now,Nana." Wendy said as she flew out the window. "Tell mother and father that we're departing and that we'll be okay."

Nana barked in compliance and dashed out the door. She raced down the hall to Mr. and Mrs. Darling's room,barking at the door. Mr. and Mrs. Darling woke up within minutes,looking quite tired.

"Oh,Nana,it's you." Mr. Darling yawned drowsily. "What is it,girl?"

Nana barked at Mr. Darling and when he saw the look on the nurse dog's face,he knew that something wasn't right. Getting a sense of deja vu,he became worried and looked at Mrs. Darling.

"Mary,you don't suppose that..." Mr. Darling started to say nervously.

"George,I think I do. I think it's happening again." Mary said,her face etched with panic.

In an instant,the two parents dashed to the nursery,with Nana running after them. How interesting it would be if they did reach the nursery in time. But,as I've told to you,we would have no story if that happened. By the time they reached the nursery,the children were gone. And where were the children? Flying over the roof tops of London of course,on their way to Neverland. Peter,with Tinker Bell at his side,led the way as the children flew behind him. Wendy was more than happy to be flying again,she laughed happily as she soared through the night sky. They flew higher and higher in the sky until they left the Earth behind. They passed the stars,moon,and many planets of the universe. They kept on flying until they came upon a large  glowing galaxy that was just a few miles away.

"Does everybody remember what to do?!" Peter called back.

"Grab onto your ankle of course!" John laughed,grabbing onto Peter's ankle. "Michael,grab onto my ankle and pass it on!"

Michael did as he was told and passed it on to everyone in back. Once they had grabbed on to each other's ankles,they held on tight as they flew towards the galaxy.

"Remember," Peter said joyfully. "whatever happens...don't...let...GOOOOO!!!!!"

The children obliged and with that,they sped through the cosmos,flying right into the galaxy. They burst through,finding themselves surrounded by a black space filled with stars. Within moments,the space lit up and there,sitting on a magnificent sea,was Neverland. It was a lush,beautiful jungle island full of fairies,adventure,mermaids,Natives,and of course,pirates. The beauty of Neverland never ceased to take the children's breath away as they approached it in all it's magical glory.

"Neverland." Wendy breathed in awe.

"We're back!" Michael said excitedly.

"Where to first,Peter?" Slightly asked.

"The hideout,we need a base of operations if we're going to beat Captain Hook." Peter answered. "Captain Hook's been sending out his pirates to search the jungle and we need a place to hide."

"But,won't he expect us to use the hideout?" John inquired nervously.

"He will,but recently I put booby traps in it to make sure that nobody breaks in. I'm the only who can get past the traps!" Peter said,feeling quite proud of himself. "Oh,the cleverness of me!"

"Alright then,the hideout it is!" Wendy said happily.

Peter nodded and led the children to the hideout. Meanwhile,on the dreaded ship known as the Jolly Rodger,the wicked pirate known as Captain James Hook was busily going over a map to formulate a plan to take over Neverland. However,he was unfortunately interrupted when his ever faithful boatswain,Mr. Smee,burst into the room.

"Cap'n! Cap'n,come quick!" Mr. Smee shouted as he ran into his captain's quarters.

"Oh,what is it now,Smee?! What could be so important that you just had to burst into my quarters and interrupt my work?! Can't you see that I have important matters to attend to?!" Captain Hook said in annoyance

"Sorry,Cap'n," Mr. Smee apologized. "but I've got news."

"And that is?" Captain Hook asked,face palming briefly. 

"Cap'n,I was out doing my rounds like you told me to,when I noticed that Neverland was bursting into full bloom. And you know what Neverland bursting into full bloom means?" 

An evil smile played on Captain Hook's face and he said "Peter Pan has returned! Excellent observation,Smee! Good form!"

"Should I have the crew go after him,Cap'n? Or should I fetch Long Tom to shoot them down?" Mr. Smee asked,waiting for orders.

"That won't be necessary, Mr. Smee. What I want you to do is just sit tight and wait." Captain Hook answered calmly.

Mr. Smee gave his captain a look of shock and said "But...But Cap'n,don't you want to kill Peter Pan?! I mean,he's just gotten back and now's the perfect time to kill him!"

"Ah,that's true Mr. Smee!" Captain Hook said as he explained himself. "But,Peter would expect us to do that and he'd surely come up with some clever plan to evade death. Attacking Peter Pan when he returns to Neverland would be bad form and we can't have that. Remember what happened the last time we tried that? He ended up tricking us into causing the mast of the Jolly Roger to collapse."

"But,what are we going to do in the mean time,Cap'n?" Mr. Smee asked. "When are we going to kill Peter Pan?"

"As I told you,sit tight and wait." Captain Hook answered. "We'll kill Peter eventually,but for now we'll wait until he's gotten settled in. And if I know Peter,he's most likely brought the Darling children and the Lost Boys with him to help him defeat us. Now,we'll have to wait until Peter plans to act and when he does...we'll kill him." 

"Great idea,Cap'n!" Mr. Smee praised. 

"Yes,yes,I know." Captain Hook said slyly. "Now,you go inform the crew of my plan while I get back to getting to the matter at hand...taking over Neverland."

"Yes,Cap'n!" Mr. Smee said,dashing out the door and did as he was told.

Captain Hook let out a maniacal chuckle as he sat down at his desk and looked over the map. His gaze drifted over to the tree Peter used as an entrance to his hideout.

"You won't defeat me this time,Peter Pan." Captain Hook said in a sinister tone. "You may have beaten me last time,but this time you'll fail because this time,I'm not alone."

Captain Hook momentarily looked up from his map and up at a makeshift small apartment for a fairy.

"Isn't that right....King Nightshade?" He said evilly.

The moment he said that,a small male fairy came out the apartment. He was a handsome,but wicked fairy with well combed black hair,cold dark blue eyes,pale skin,and a smile full of pure malice. He wore a crown made of platinum with amethyst gemstones on it and a black outfit with red lining. His wings were absolutely ghostly and his fairy aura was not golden,but shadow black with hints of purple.

"Indeed,Captain Hook," King Nightshade said maliciously. "indeed."

Here's the first chapter of the unofficial sequel to P.J Hogan's Peter Pan! I hope you all enjoy it!

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