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Hey there ;) Thanks for coming to check my page! I'm Serene (duh) and I'm a 13-year old theatre student and Christian <3 I have harbored a love for writing since young, and I would love to be able to improve! xoxo

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The Greats

December 4, 2015


Who are we in this world?
No more than a speck of dust,
We disappear as soon as we appear
We fade away; with no mark left on the world behind
Our names only as a blank slate
No screaming colour or the fading ombre shades
Of one who had been truly great;
But had lost himself and drowned himself
In distasteful things and sleepless nights
Spent watching cheap reality television
While continually wondering all along
What he had done
With his life

Who will be there to remember us when we are
Completely gone
Will we leave behind a legacy?
Or remain as a forgotten gravestone
Sad, grey, shrouded in a fog of loneliness
Given pitying looks from people with grave faces,
Who will hope
That their deceased loved one’s grave
Will never have to look like that
How many children have big dreams
Of appearing on Broadway, or singing to sold-out stadiums?
And exactly how many,
Of these dreams are fulfilled?
How many of these dreaming children
Grow up to be adults with boring desk-jobs
And boring lives,
With nothing big ever happening to them
Until they die.
For some of these adults,
Their only confirmed achievements in life
Are their birth and death.

But there’s a small number
Of determined children
Who do make it on Broadway
And do sing to sold-out stadiums
These children know
That they will never succumb to oblivion.
They would never let oblivion slowly creep into their lives
And let it transform their amazing dreams
Into a dreary hope to be able to be normal;
They would never let oblivion
Change them into anything but themselves
And let them continue dreaming,
For they are the type
That will passionately lead thousands
For an end to oblivion;
For they are the type
That will make history.
For they are
The greats.



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