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The New King: Chapter Four

May 29, 2018


Gerard and Lawrence got to what looked like, Gerard swore he had read about this before, a parlor. A group of people where arguing about which race did the most labor, the Mounain Man from the Obsidian Mountains the other side of the continent were apparently winning.

”I’m just saying,” An older man said,”The agility of the Meowasi* would be most helpful in-”

”In what?” A lady about the same age asked, looking like she was about to stab the man,”Collecting yarn?”

”Excuse me, sirs and madams!” Lawrence yelled,”May I present, our new king, Gerard!”

The group looked at Lawrence, then Gerard. They then proceeded to babble over each other, desperately trying to ask questions about their new found relative.

Gerard, after years of herding things, from sheep to children, had a good yelling voice. And with this loud voice, he yelled,”One at a time!”

He then pointed at the older man. “What’s your name?” He asked.

”Stephen Wright,” He said,”I am your uncle.”

”Okay,” Gerard asked,”Any questions?”

”Uh, yes,” Stephen said,”Where excatly have you been?” 

“I have been in Borderville,” Gerard answered,”It’s at the southern tip of Hollow Forest, next!”

”Yes,” The older lady from before said,”I am Colette Wright, your aunt. I have no question, I just want to introduce myself.”

”Okay,” Gerard said,”What about you.”

He was now pointed at a woman that looked like a teenager. “My name is Maria Wright, your cousin,” She had the audacity to roll her eyes,”You can you be the king if you were surrounded by commoners?”

”Now Maria,” Stephen said,”All the subjects are important.”

”I’m ignoring your question,” Gerard said,”You, other lady, who are you?”

”I’m Emily!” The lady practically jumped in the air,”I’m your sister!”

”All right,” Gerard said,”Any questions?”

”Yes!” She yelled, enthusiasm bleeding out of her,”What was it like in your town?”

”I did manual labor since I was nine,” Gerard said,”So, I guess it was busy.”

The final person was a man that was looked a little older than Gerard.

”I am Claude, your brother,” He said,”I must asked, why are going to be king.”

Lawrence anwsered this time. ”Because he’s the only legitimate heir to the throne.” He said.

”But, I am the kings son!” Claude said,”I have his royal blood in me!”

”No you don’t,” Lawrence said,”Simply because your not his son.”

Claude looked at Lawrence in shock.

”What do you mean?” Claude asked.

”You and Emily are adopted,” Was the answer.

* Humaniod cats that live in the Orient, the eastern continent.
Woah, pretty long one!


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