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"there is nothing to writing. all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." ~ ernest hemingway

hey, you got my heart

May 29, 2018


you make me nervous
when i am around you
my heart flutters
and i can hide the blush
that rises to my cheeks
you make me crazy
your milk chocolate eyes
the caramel curls of your hair
everything about you
is sweet in a way
i wish you would see
how hard i am falling
so you could catch me
in your arms
oh my dear
how happy that would make me
like a kid in a candy store
i wonder what it would be like
kissing the cherry red lips 
that sit so perfectly on your face
i am in love with you
i just wish i knew
if you felt the same too. 
feelin the candy vibe today 

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1 Comment
  • CreativeAngel

    Now i want candy xD
    Good writing btw!

    over 2 years ago