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I am just trying and would love feedback I am not that great so just give me some time to improve.

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I am about ready to kill him should I ??

Look at the mess you created

May 29, 2018


Why are you like this?

Why do you send suggestive texts to someother girl when we both know you are my best friends boyfriend?

Not only that is the problem,

Why did she not find out this happened from you?

Why did she find out by thr girl you sent the texts to?

Why were we scared because someone said that they had something important to tell my friend and to tell her to meet her in the bathroom alone?

Why did I go in that bathroom with another friend to spy on the situation, to make sure she was ok?

Well guess what, she isn't ok,

Why did you do that?

I hear you all the time saying that you love her, is that even true?

Why did you not say "hey this happened and I am sorry"?

Why did she need to find out in the bathroom?

Why did you do it?

Why do I see you in the hallway looking sad and like you screwed up?

Oh wait I know the answer to that, it is because you did !!

You ... You ... I am now here making sure she is ok while you are off with your friends !!

If it were me I would have dumped you but you are lucky it isn't me, she cares about you and wants to keep the relashionship alive,


Tell me why you did it?
This happened today and i want to kill him please tell me if that is a good idea !!


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  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    People make mistakes. Maybe he is actually sorry. Only time will tell. Don't kill him, see what happens instead

    over 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Just a suggestion but good luck

    over 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Don't kill him because a girl might take a long time to get over it and will cry at first but she'll find another person hopefully and be happy while after a month the boy might come back expecting to get her back leaving him to chew on his regrets once he gets rejected.

    over 2 years ago