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October 6, 2018


she smiles a lifetime of longing. perhaps she
is rejoicing in the lives we are heading back to,
parties and exams and lying on crisp lawns in the
wake of another fleeting lover, the film strip of
our youth reeling endlessly before us into
dust and sparkle: or perhaps she is counting
the seconds before she must retreat once again
into that empty house, hanging memories on
the walls and replaying the echoes of our laughter
into the icy night. she waits for the patter of the
phone; turns the radio up to thunder; taps her
feet into lightning and chaos; reaches out to meet
the hand that should have been there and falls into
silence. the phone rings.
Lovely to see you all today.
Until n
ext time! Bye now.
she brews a pot of sweet tea and drinks a cup,
pouring the rest away to fill cracks in the
hardened earth with song. she puts out the fire,
gathers toys and scattered clothes into a cupboard,
and scales the stairs into heady darkness.
in bed, dreaming of the lives she has given us,
she finds his hand and


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