Warren Jin


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another neighbour

May 29, 2018

when the new tenant settled in
he didn't plan to leave anytime soon,
but every day he comes over to beg, first
saying please, give me some food, give me
some food; next he says, brother, take pity,
let me work for you, and when I rejected
his offer, he laid prostrate on the
cold marble in the corridor, and groveled,
saying, my good sire, I will be your slave,
so please, have mercy on me, my poverty-plagued frame,
to which I responded, good neighbor,
you need not abase yourself in abjection,
for I will never think of letting you inside
my house, but instead, give me your money,
all your clothing, your wife and children and possessions,
and I will keep them for you
awhile; and now that's settled,


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