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just an average teen writer looking to scribble out young thoughts from ashy papers
lol tumblr (tm) vibes man

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Glory in mediocrity as you ascend, a phoenix, a comet, a phalanx of ink brushes and skin hurtling across the sky


May 28, 2018

Life is beautiful and ugly and broken and perfect all at once rushing along in your heartbeat sweeping your tears away with the next bus stop you get off at messaging arrows of electricity through your sweat-stained skin that pulses, a hymn of praise, of thanks, of love, we have all fallen in love with being alive for a long time now, but life is also soft and slow and sometimes bleached of flowers, and you will see it as you lie cuddled next to your white velvet beanie bag watching nothing with eyes that hear pinpricks of water behind the thin membranes and you will scrape off a little piece of your soul and let it go, let it vanish away into that teenage room painted pink and bumpy so that you can live a little better because we are greedy- yes, let that sink in- we are greedy, we are greedy, WE ARE GREEDY, and it is a wonderful statue that we parade around, it is exquisite how light hits yours red and gold and sea moss-green as you stand in its shadow, a grinning Chesire Cat that knows everythings and nothings, a riddling paradox.


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