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The Publicist Resurgence: Chapter One

May 27, 2018


I got an email. That’s weird on it’s own, considering I just had gotten an email account literally the day before, but the sender was especially weird.

Spencer, FHP.

Now, you might be wondering what FHP stands for, but that wan’t the weird part for me.

Spencer had been dead for a year. And apparently he just decided now to tell me he was alive the whole time.

The email basically stated that Spencer wanted to revive the Publicists, and that, as the second in command, he wanted me to meet him. I didn’t want to, really.

The Publicists were a group of people that gained information about companies by posing as publicists. They’re kind of the reason I’m in hiding.

Yet, off I go, to meet with the Founder and Head of the Publicists, at some diner in the middle of the city.


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