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Little Red

May 30, 2018


        Did it ever cross your mind to wonder how her cloak gained its crimson hue?
        Or why in the name of everything holy a mother would dare let such a little girl walk in those woods alone?     
        Come on, you know the story, little girl, red cloak, an old lady in the woods and a big, bad wolf.
        Didn't the story seem just a bit off?
(a little too simple, a little too odd, the kind of thing you notice and then politely don't mention)
        Would you like to know what really happened that fateful day told to us by the brother's Grimm?
        The real story, not what sweet little Red told?
        Careful, you might not want to know the truth.
        Most people don't.
        They'd rather believe that a innocent little girl just talked to the wrong stranger.
        The truth, though, isn't nearly as comforting. 
(the truth has teeth and a harsher bite than any lie)
        Here's the story you weren't told.
        Yes, she wore a cloak, yes it was dyed red. 
        Yes, she was carrying goods to the witch in the woods, the one everyone called Grandmother.
        The offering was small, and only she could deliver it, only she dared walk those woods without fear.
        She never met a wolf on the path, no, she knew he was there.
        In a lilting voice, she spoke, "Mr. Wolf, I'd turn away now, if you don't mind. I'm going to see my grandmother."
(an invitation, a warning, eyes flashed silver in the shadows, scarlet lips turned upwards in a razor blade smile)
        Grandmother answered the door, no, she didn't. 
        Sharp eyes widened gleefully, "Oh, my, Grandmother." This was going to be fun.
        She played with the wolf, smiling as she set her basket down
        He never saw her coming, did you?
        After her task was finished, she found the old woman stone cold dead.
        A smile graced her lips, youthful and sweet.
        She still had a knife in her hand, she cleaned it on her cloak
        She returned home and tears filled her eyes with practiced ease
(you know the tale she told, sugar-spun lies and a harrowing lesson to never talk to strangers)
        Everyone believed her 
        They had to, really
        No one pointed out the story's flaws, no one asked questions
        The red on her hands were from berries she picked, the cloak wasn't darker, was it?
        The pelt, well it was from the phantom woodsman savior, of course
        There was no other option but believe her except acknowledge the wolf among them
        They didn't dare think of that, they didn't dare speak of the little girl with a voice like poisoned honey
(such a pretty little girl, she must be telling the truth, right?)
        There's a new grandmother in that cottage
        In those woods
        She has a bloody cloak and a razorblade smile 
        Little Red isn't so little anymore

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  • 1974rlk

    This Makes You Think In Other Aspects...Just Because They’re Pretty And Cute, Doesn’t Mean They’re Innocent or Pure

    about 3 years ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    You know, Dani, I planned on sleeping tonight.

    over 3 years ago
  • LackingASocialLife


    over 3 years ago
  • The Great Gabs-by

    This is amazing. I love this idea of a truly fractured fairytale. Great job!!

    over 3 years ago
  • nezi_nes


    over 3 years ago
  • Gabriel Goodwin

    I was not prepared for what was installed for me as I read this, and I just want to say, this is AMAZING!!! A great twist to a well-known tale~

    over 3 years ago
  • HyperDucks815

    Kay woah! That was gooood! You're imagery and use of the color red and just oof. I love it and I love you also I love the message to other writers on your profile! It's beautiful!

    over 3 years ago