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The New King: Chapter Two

May 26, 2018


Gerard could only say his goodbyes to Eric, and not get an explanation on Gerard’s adoption. Now, he was not so happily going on a three day long carriage ride with Lawrence, chief advisor to the the royal family.

”So, you wanna hear about your family?” Lawrence had asked, After about five hours of silence.

”Might as well,” Gerard asked.

”Great!” Lawrence brightened up,”So your father was King James, he died just last week, and he had son and a daughter, the son being older than you, I believe.”

”Wait,” Gerard perked up,”He’s older than me? Why isn’t he king?”

”Blood reasons,” Lawrence continued,”You have an aunt and uncle, related by marriage, and one cousin.”

”Is my mother still alive?” Gerard asked.

”Oh no, she died 23 years ago,” Lawrence said,”Anyhow, that’s all your living family, their dying to me you.”

”Well, I’m not becoming king,” Gerard said.

”But, you must,” Lawrence said,”Your the only one that can do it!”

Gerard gave no awnser. And with that the rest of the ride was silent.


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