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The New King: Chapter One

May 26, 2018


Gerard liked living in the small village called Borderville. He did not like it when some man from the castle being his house, telling him he was the next king of Galdava.

”But it’s true!” The man, named Lawrence, said,”You’re the king!” 

“No, I’m not!” Gerard yelled, once again,”I live 340 miles from the capital, I wasn’t born in the capital, and my parents aren’t even royalty.”

”Son,” Gerard’s father, Eric, said,”I have been calling your name for twenty minutes, just listen.”

”Yes, father?” Gerard said,”Do you have any world shattering revelations to tell me?”

”Your adopted,” Eric said,”Some guy from the castle gave you to me.”

Gerard’s world had officially shattered.

”I’m adopted?” He asked his father.

”I have no idea how you never found out,” Eric scratched his head,”I have told you several times I have never been married, you never had a mother around, I...”

”Okay, Dad,” Gerard said,”I get it.”

”So,” Lawrence said,”Now do you believe me?”

”I guess?” Gerard said.

”Great!” Lawrence said,”Let’s get to the castle!” 


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