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Hey there!
I feel, I think and then words come out in some way.
I love movies and all kinds of tv-series (a bit too much).
Hope you like what I write and would love if you could leave a comment.

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-Live, Love, Hope and Dream-

Not too late

May 26, 2018


who do you talk to?
Who do you share what’s on your mind with?
Who do you think of when something funny happens
or when something bad happens?

Who do you trust to make you feel loved and cared for at all times?
Who’s name do you wait for to pop up on your phone screen?
Who’s voice makes you smile, makes you dream, makes you hope,
who’s voice do you love?

You might not dare to say it.
But someone is on your mind.

You might not feel it yet.
But it will grab you when you least expect.

You know they are there,
so don’t make them wait.
Because you’ll never want to think
“damn it, I’m too late…”
Live, Love, Hope and Dream <3


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1 Comment
  • sasha.gemini

    I love how you don't just state the message. I just love this piece. :)

    about 2 years ago