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I'm a crazy, curly-haired artist. As long as I'm doing something creative, I will sit still. I love books, penguins, steaming cups of tea, and frappucinos, and if I see a dog, I am instantly a hopeless romantic.


May 26, 2018


In a world far from anyone's reach, there is a lonely soul.
And that soul always searches and seeks for a place to call her home.
Oft she searched day and night for a place that's just for her,
But years of wandering gave no light and so she was still lonesome.

"Who needs a home?" she then exclaimed, looking at the world around her.
"The sky's my roof, my friend the rain!" And so she settled down there.
After a week or two of living soundly in her new home,
She found that the nights grew far too cold and she needed to move along.

And so she went, alone again, waiting to find a home.
And soon enough she stopped and sat upon a large, rough stone.
"'I'm cold and tired," she said as she yawned, and finally fell asleep.
And in her dreams, to her relief, she soundly found some peace.

When it grew light, she woke with a start, much to her disappointment.
"Well then, I must be off," she sighed with restrained discontentment.
For days she walked. For weeks! For months! And yet she found no home.
But still, she trudged on, her heart bold and strong, determined to not give up.

Ahe walked like this, her head held high, for another year and a bit.
Until one day, her heart gave a sigh and gave a flutter before it quit.
"I give up!" she said with a cry, and her shoulders shook with sobs.
"I've searched and searched and I have yet to find a place where I am loved!"

She stood in a field surrounded by green that blew in the warm summer wind
"Why can't I be like the breeze?" she yelled, lifting her arms in the air.
"Why can't I twirl and dance till I'm free?"
"Free from all the worlds' cares?"

She stood there  like that for a beat and a half,
Until she allowed her arms to fall.
"I suppose that's not really meant for me,"
As her eye loosed another teardrop.

With that, she stood for hours again, and night arrived from day.
And finally, as her eyes dried up, the stars came out to play.
"Come dance with us!" they shone and sang, and the girl looked up with a grin,
"You'll really allow me to dance with you?" "Of course!" and they began.

The girl danced throughout the night
 and didn't stop till morning,
And as the stars sang their goodbyes
The girl had a newfound purpose.

And so she ran and laughed and danced when the starts came out to play,
Within her heart she felt great joy, because she finally found her place.



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