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I'm a crazy, curly-haired artist. As long as I'm doing something creative, I will sit still. I love books, penguins, steaming cups of tea, and frappucinos, and if I see a dog, I am instantly a hopeless romantic.

Message to Readers

This was kind of a stab at trying to beat my writer's block! I'm sure you all know how I feel. This was fun to write. Basically, the first thought I had was then pasted on this piece. Feel free to tell me about your experiences with writer's block, and how you overcame the mighty beast!

Writer's Block

May 23, 2018


What does it take to cure writer's block?
Some are happy to be freed from dizzying ideas and aching fingers,
But to others, it is having your mind caged with unseen figments of reality.
It is understanding a language but forgetting how to speak it.
It is singing the words to a song but you've forgotten the tune.
It is this work, born from a writer's aching head, pounding with creativity that demands freedom.
So how do you cure writer's block?
Do you force yourself to paste words on a blank document?
To me, those words will then mean nothing.
Do you allow it to pass and it will cure itself?
It is far too painful to wait for a miracle.
What about reading great works of literature?
That just makes it worse.
Somebody save me from my clogged imagination!



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