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The Moment

May 22, 2018


Have you ever felt the moment
Right before the swing-
The bat is sitting on your shoulder and you’re looking out, the top of your sight blocked by your helmet and everything in you is focused on the pitcher, on the ball in their hand;
Everything is frozen- your stance, your lungs, your bat, then you breathe and the ball is flying and air is scraping out of your throat and without thinking your arms swing around together and your fingers tighten and you can feel the rubber wrap around the bat scrape against your gloves and CRACK-
You’re running.

Have you ever felt the moment
Right before the hit-
Your hands are up in fists, punches raining down on your arms and head and body; you’re bouncing, keeping your balance, watching for the pause, the breath, the blink;
the  there, they stop, and in an instant your arm pushes out and every joint clicks together and you can feel the rub of the mat on your heel as you twist and your shirt tightens around your body as you drive your arm forward until it’s fully extended and like the quick bite of a snake faster than you can see there’s a POP-
He’s falling.

Have you ever felt the moment
Right before the stroke-
you’re staring at the shoulder in front of you, slightly reddened from the sun, a breeze nudges a small hair past your check and you fight the urge to move it, you see the others out of the corner of your eye, sitting ready, oars in position to explode-
they call: attention.
ROW and your legs push out and shove against the weight of the water and your hands tighten around the oar and your palm is ripping against the plastic and your legs extend and you lean back and savor the stroke and then your going back and take another and go back and take another and go back and take another-
and you’re rowing.

Have you ever felt the
Right before it starts
When time stops and starts again
When you’re right on the edge of something great and wonderful and fast and POWERFUL-

And have you ever felt the moment after,

When all you can feel,

Is every stagnant beat of your





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1 Comment
  • AbigailSauble

    I love how you totally draw the reader in with your enthusiastic/descriptive/exciting writing style.

    about 2 years ago